Does the handling of this virus amount to torture?

Amnesty International REPORT ON TORTURE

The definition of torture adopted here is: 'Torture is the systematic and deliberate infliction of acute pain in any form by one person on another, or a third person, in order to accomplish the purpose of the former against the will of the latter.'

There are 4 elements of torture:

1. At least 2 persons: torturer & victim(s). The victim is under physical control of the torturer.

Torturer: Public Health "officials" through lackeys in government, media, police and even by radicalising fellow victims.

Physical control of victims by torturer:

  • self isolation

  • social distancing in all public places

  • quarantines of both sick and healthy (arbitrarily enforced)

  • lock-downs of businesses, parks, events etc.

  • job losses and/or forced to continue working

  • separation of family members in formal and informal settings

  • mandatory attire and behaviour (masks, hand sanitiser)

  • forced line-ups to get food, banking, supplies (forced because line-ups are not due to overcrowding but by mandate)

  • income dependency on government 'emergency handouts'

  • severe travel restrictions

  • limitations on purchases (essential items only/limit on amounts purchased/shortages of some items)

2. Infliction of acute pain & suffering. Includes mental & psychological pain & suffering.

See below under BIDERMAN'S CHART OF COERCION for many examples.

3. Intention of torturer is to make the victim submit, to break his will and destroy his humanity.

It is established that coercive techniques are being used by Public Health authorities and their lackeys in media, government etc. It is established that Public Health authorities wants the public to submit to many social, economic and behavioural changes.

Many in the public object to these changes but their concerns are being ignored at best and punished at worst.

The political response to citizen objections has been to step up the coercive techniques against the electorate rather than to hold hearings or compromise with the electors. We can conclude, therefore, that the torturer wants the victims to submit.

The longer this has gone on, the more people have moved from the 'acute' phase into the 'sub-acute' phase. Recall that the aim of the coercion/torture is to move the victims past those stages into the CHRONIC stage where victims will become 'broken' and their compliance will be all but guaranteed.

4. The torture is a systematic activity with a rational purpose. That purpose can be confession, information, punishment or as a political weapon to set an example for others.

Systematic activity

  • Immediate agreement on the status and reaction to "pandemic" across national, local boundaries and political parties (with very few holdouts).

  • Frequent (daily) regular, scheduled press appearances by "officials" and spokespeople.

  • Rapid production and distribution of signage, pamphlets, guidance materials.

  • Rapid, universal adoption of new protocols in corporate setting.

  • Media speaking with 'one voice' worldwide. Narrative homogeneity.

  • Censorship of contradictory information.

  • Public shaming rituals against dissenters.

  • Rollout of government handouts to affected persons.

  • Invasion into smartphone settings for the purpose of tracking.

  • With exception of the small details, versions of this same response have been enacted almost globally.

Rational purpose

What is rational to Globalists is not immediately seen as rational to every day citizens.

Oligarchs, Corporate CEOs, NGO leaders, some elected politicians and Global Bodies are talking about COVID being an opportunity for the 'Great Reset' (some call it the 4th Industrial Revolution or the Green New Deal. They are all the same thing).

It is rational, therefore, for these planners to first weaken national citizens in order to decrease or eliminate resistance to the planned 'Great Reset'. The torture has debilitated people physically, financially, socially, mentally and psychologically.

Of course, the rationale for all of this given to us by the COVID torturers is that it is necessary. It's unavoidable. They and their lackeys insist that "we must all sacrifice for the public good." Their rationale is irrational.

Torture as a stress

Acute: Short-lived (shock response)

Sub-acute: medium term (anxiety response while maintaining morale and personal integrity).

Chronic: long-standing (depression, suicidal ideation, dissociation, derealisation, regression, thought & memory problems, prone to accident, lose will to live, suicide).


"Giving up" can take the following forms: susceptible to illnesses like bronchopneumonia, to psychosomatic diseases such as duodenal ulcers, asthma and bronchitis, to coronary disease, T.B., and even to cancer.

Note symptoms to many of these would overlap COVID symptoms.

The coercive technique for psychological torture is to induce DEPENDENCY, DEBILITY AND DREAD (DDD).


Sustained long enough, a strong fear of anything vague or unknown induces regression.

With the current COVID situation, they want us to regress because they want us to blindly obey.


  1. ISOLATION - COVID self-isolation, travel quarantine, going to hospital, nursing homes, social circles, destroy bonds between people, unable to see loved ones, solitary confinement for many.

  2. MONOPOLIZATION OF PERCEPTION - COVID censorship, repeated phrases and signage, social media, media blitz, charity events - self isolation, 24/7 news, guilt trip - "you brought this on yourself" "killing people with selfishness." Shut downs, crossing borders, not allowed in stores, closure of restaurants, gyms, hospitals for elective surgery and clinics, food shortages.

  3. INDUCED DEBILITY/EXHAUSTION - COVID masking, losing work, businesses, school closures, forced into digital payments, doctor appointments canceled, self care canceled. Food shortages, out-door line-ups without shelter, being forced to identify self publicly, temperature taken, contact tracing, ID required, exploit diagnosis, stress.

  4. THREATS - COVID children being removed if test positive, RNA Vax/Covi-pass, with tracking chips, "new normal", fear of going to hospital. Constant fear mongering and threat of death and disease unless compliance. Second wave. Endless isolation.

  5. OCCASIONAL INDULGENCES - COVID corporations offering free delivery, small sales etc., changing rules, supplies, deadlines. Opening up on conditions, you can drive by and honk/wave, BLM/pride, we can get "some" things back, if we keep social distancing or wear masks we might get sports/school back. Allowed in large supermarkets but not small family shops. You can get to travel as long as you take the vaccine.

  6. DEMONSTRATING "OMNIPOTENCE" - COVID world economy shut down, Tedros reputation (war criminal and NOT doctor), complete fabrications and reversals by trusted voices. Mobbing re masks, "all in this together" use of "we", even Trump bows to this, huge fines/arrests, videos of crowds cheering WORLD BODIES.

  7. DEGRADATION - COVID all these retracted statements followed by grovelling which result in no reward. Runs on toilet paper, closure of salons - only 'essential items', animals returning to towns (BLM riots), mobbing, de-platforming, punished if no mask, young people directing old people, separation of loved ones, social distancing, COVIDIOTS, science deniers, Anti-vaxxers selfish, apps added to phones, state your name, business postcode out loud.

  8. ENFORCING TRIVIAL DEMANDS - COVID stand 6' apart, follow arrows, go in/out certain doors, floor marks where to stand and sit, show support or be cast out.

Those who consciously justify torture, and are not candid enough to state that they use it to defend their own power and privilege, rely essentially on the philosophic argument of a lesser evil for a greater good. They reinforce this with an appeal to the doctrine of necessity - the existential situation (COVID) forces them to make a choice between two evils. AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL REPORT ON TORTURE.

The collectivist mentality is now in so many people, that in effect, the torturers are now being joined by many of their victims who are helping them torture their other fellow citizens.