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Does the 'JAB' Cause Myocarditis in Children and Adults?

What is Myocarditis?

Myocarditis is an acidic dis-ease condition or symptom marked by inflammation of the interstitial fluids of the heart muscle known as the myocardium — the muscular layer of the heart wall. This muscle is responsible for contracting and relaxing to pump blood in and out of the heart and to the rest of the body.

When this muscle becomes inflamed from interstitial fluids of the heart, its ability to pump blood becomes less effective. This causes problems like an abnormal heartbeat, chest pain, or trouble breathing. In extreme cases, increased acids, like lactic acid can cause blood clots leading to a heart attack or stroke, damage to the heart with heart failure and even death.

Normally, inflammation is a bodily response to any sort of increased acidosis of the interstitial fluids of the heart. Imagine when you cut your finger: within a short time, the tissue around the cut swells up and turns red, which are classic signs of a physical disturbance causing inflammation. The stomach begins producing sodium and potassium bicarbonate to rush to the site of the wound to implement health regeneration that can only take place at a pH of 8.4.

Increased acidity from toxic food, water, air, vaccines , EMF causes decompensated acidosis of the interstitial fluids causing organ, gland and tissue inflammation, including myocarditis. A Major Contributing Factor in the Cause of Myocarditis It is important for parents to know that vaccinating adolescents (Ages 12 to 17) with the CoV - 19 experimental mRNA vaccine will cause myocarditis (heart inflammation) in 1 out of 3 children. The CDC and WHO have known the risk for myocarditis since December 21, 2020. Here is the research study:

The FDA and the CDC Knew That the Experimental mRNA 'JAB' Caused Systemic Adverse Events!

The Highest Risk Group for Systemic Poisoning From the Experimental mRNA 'JAB'

Currently, over 70 percent of adolescents, ages 12 to 17 are being hospitalized for heart inflammation directly related to the experimental mRNA Pfizer and Moderna inoculations.

12 to 17 Years of Age Is the Highest Risk Group in Children!

Injury and Death by Inoculation - Is the Risk TOO High?

The CoV -19 experimental mRNA inoculations specifically causes biological and chemical poisoning of the vascular and interstitial fluids creating the vesicles or spike proteins coming off the cell membrane as an outfection NOT an infection!

When the 'protein spikes' and 'exosomes' are born out of the blood and body cells this will then activate the clotting factors in the vascular fluids leading to pathological blood coagulation, hypoxia and death - myocarditis or heart inflammation is only one of many symptoms for the pathology of this experimental acidic dis-ease causing mRNA 'JAB'!

Please read my scientific peer-reviewed article on the cause of the 'Corona Effect" that causes pathological blood coagulation, hypoxia and then sudden death due to suffocation!

Please share this information with everyone you love and care about. Show your friends and family the micrographs (live blood under pHase and dark field microscopy) of healthy blood compared to the degenerated blood or cell membrane protein spiking and pathological blood coagulation due to the experimental highly acidic, dis-ease causing mRNA 'JAB'.

Germs Are Born In Us and From Us Including 'Spiked Proteins' from the Degeneration of the Cell Membrane!

'Spiked Proteins' Created Out of the Cell Membrane Validating the Outfection Caused by Chemical and Radiation Poisoning of the Vascular Fluids

What Normal Healthy Blood Should Look Like Viewed Under pHase Contrast FMicroscopy! (The first micrograph below shows 'Normal Red Blood Cells' in a clean healthy environments)

It is very rare to see healthy red blood cells which are even in color, even in shape and even in size. Why? Because the majority of people are living an unhealthy lifestyle causing the very symptoms that current medical science calls sickness or disease. It is all a 'fairy tale'!

The green crystal is solidified lactic acid and the white crystals are from citric acid! The body will solidify acidic waste if is is not removed out of the blood to the interstitial fluids to be eliminated via the lymphatic system through perspiration, defecation, respiration, urination and for women menstruation! Simply put all sickness and disease is cause by an 'INVERTED WAY' of living, eating, drinking, breathing, thinking, feeling and believing. YOU are the cause of ALL YOUR dis-ease. Sickness or disease are the consequence of personal lifestyle choices and the body's inability to purify and restore the alkaline design of the body fluids. You DO NOT get sick YOU do sick!

You can learn more about pathological blood coagulation and the symptoms of biological, chemical and radiation poisoning by reading the scientific research articles at:

Please watch my latest interviews published on Rumble on The Plague of Corruption and whether to vaccinate or NOT to vaccinate at the following links:



You will find ALL MY latest interviews on Rumble!

Please take care of our greatest treasure and our future - OUR CHILDREN! Educate NOT Medicate!

In conclusion, I plead with you to read the Freedom of Information letters below that we obtained from the CDC under the Freedom of Information Act. These letters acknowledge that the CDC has NO scientific evidence validating the isolation, purification, identification, virulency, infectivity or the existence of ANY virus, including CoV - 2 - 19, Influenza, HIV, HBV, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Ebola, etc.

The viral theory is NOT based upon the scientific method as described by Koch's or Rivers Postulates!

Look at the facts of declining deaths and then a sharp increase just after the introduction of the experimental mRNA and Adenovirus 'JABS'!

Rise up to the truth and empower yourself with knowledge. Spare yourself pain and suffering at the hands of darkness and move towards the light. I pray for you and your children that the Almighty will protect you against the power of the destroyer.

Yours In Truth and God's Healing Light and Protection,

Robert O Young CPT, MSc, DSc, PhD, ND Naturopathic Practitioner Commissioner International Tribunal of Natural Justice - Editorial Board Member of ACTA Scientific Medical Sciences -

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