Does this sound familiar?

Here it is folks. The next phase of the fear porn circus ride!

This is essentially a directive for Local Health Districts to implement testing of everyone who comes through the Emergency Department of public hospitals in NSW.

We know that every subsequent Covid-19 chemical injection destroys the body's ability to fight infection by impairing the body's immune function. This then leads to Vaccine Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome (VAIDS) and the proliferation of cancers.

It will be expected that many who took the jab, and particularly the double jabbed plus booster, will succumb to this diagnosis. However, there will also likely be many others, who come through ED with no related symptoms of (V)AIDS, but are there for the usual other multitude of reasons, who will test positive for HIV.

You've Got AIDS: Care Of Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazeneca?

Does this sound familiar?

They will be diagnosed with having (V)AIDS and will then be treated with toxic drugs, just like HIV diagnosed patients in the 1980s who were treated with AZT, a fatally toxic drug that killed many.

This is the medical industry distinctions between HIV and AIDS.

HIV infects humans and weakens the immune system, compromising the body’s ability to fight off bacteria, viruses, and other agents that cause disease.

AIDS is the disease that results from HIV, severely compromising a person’s immune system. It is essentially a syndrome, manifests as a collection of symptoms that occur as the HIV infection compromises more T cells, which are types of white blood cells. The lack of functioning T cells increases the occurrence of opportunistic infections.

There's only one problem though

There is no such thing as a Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

Just like Covid-19, it has never been identified, isolated, replicated or proven to exist through genome sequencing or any scientific standard including Koch's and Rivers' postulates.

This then brings together the fictions of Covid-19, the debunked and fraudulent PCR test and the fraudulent fictitious discipline of Virology through Germ Theory.

So, be prepared for another scamdemic of "cases", this time for HIV, another so-called virus that has never been successfully identified, isolated, or replicated, according to any scientific standard.

Unfortunately, many of those vaxxed will likely develop VAIDS. Many however, who enter the hospital system will be fraudulently diagnosed with having HIV and will then be categorised as having died from HIV, even though they actually died from other serious comorbidities.

Of course, governments and health authorities will then send even more fear and panic among the populations encouraging everyone to be tested for HIV. More measures will then be required for isolation, quarantining, social distancing...

Does it sound familiar folks?

Remember all those who entered the hospital system only to be diagnosed with Covid-19?

Remember all those who were essentially murdered in hospital by Remdesivir,

a toxic drug that causes renal failure and death?

Do you see where this is likely to go?


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