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Don't fall for the Green Cult Hoax!

The transition from internal combustion engines to battery-powered cars is a failure.

The Climate Communists want to take away your freedom of movement. The Marxists in California want to ban the sale of new gasoline-powered cars by 2035 in the name of ‘climate change.’ They changed their ‘global warming’ slogan to climate change in order to make us all afraid of the changing weather, but it’s still primarily focused on ‘greenhouse’ gasses emitted by animals and humans. Never mind that carbon dioxide is beneficial to plants. The warming must stop before oceans rise along with runaway higher temperatures.

The thing is, ‘climate change’ as the globalist tyrants present it is based on cherry-picked data. The data are distorted to fit their narrative. Real scientists have already proved that rising temperatures aren’t occurring, but they are ignored. A very small group of powerful people have captured science and they say their version is definitive. It isn’t. Climate change is bunk.

California has an abundance of resources including oil, but nobody will pump it out. They are shutting down all carbon-based energy sources including fuel for wood stoves. In a state that led the way and defined automobile travel, they are now abandoning it in favor of ‘clean’ energy. That includes very expensive battery-powered cars.

California’s Marxist politicians, led by Governor Gavin Newsom, ignore obvious problems. Electric cars have very limited range and that range decreases with daily use and repeated, time-consuming charges. Some easily catch fire.

It requires an inordinate amount of energy to create a car battery. A huge amount of earth must be mined to collect enough rare metal to produce a single battery. When that battery quickly conks out and can no longer hold a charge, it becomes a menace to the Earth because it’s very toxic. It costs a fortune to replace. (Replacing a car engine is far cheaper). The expired car battery can’t simply be tossed into a landfill. By comparison, a gasoline-powered car has far less impact on the Earth. It also has far more range than a pricey electric car.

Also, charging requires an enormous amount of electricity. Generating it often means the burning of fossil fuel. Rising electricity costs are climbing through the roof and blackouts are becoming more common throughout the country due to the ‘green transition.’ Wind and solar power are far more expensive and far less efficient than coal or natural gas-fired power plant turbines. California politicians are predicting and increase in rolling blackouts and now they predict there will be days when you won’t be allowed to charge your electric vehicle. Due to the skyrocketing electricity cost, a charge could end up costing the same as filling up the tank with gasoline, and the charging is more frequent.

The green transition isn’t about solving the non-existent problem of climate change. It’s about controlling human beings and it doesn’t end with our freedom to travel. The micro-managing Marxist control freaks want to tell us where to live, what temperature our homes can be, what we can eat, and even what we can say. We’ve learned that the banana-republic tyrant Biden has been ordering social media to censor patriotic, MAGA-minded citizens. The IRS will have an additional 87,000 heavily-armed agents to threaten Trump supporters. The Democrats’ FBI has interfered with our election. People are dropping dead due to the mandatory and poisonous mRNA jabs, which proved useless against a quickly-mutating virus. The ‘authorities’ blame it on their boogeyman, climate change. Ultimately, controlling humans also means exterminating them and too many sheeple will do whatever the ‘authorities’ tell them to do. Apparently that includes dying.

The climate change tyrants want to destroy small businesses. They want make us poor. They want to take away our privacy, our ability to assemble and protest, and even our ability to decide what goes into our bodies. They especially want our guns, but first they’ll try to take away our cars.

Tell the “Climate Commies” to hit the road! If they can get the EV charged!

— Ben Garrison

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