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Dr. Bryan Ardis revealed that his unvaxxed wife, Jayne, just tested positive for scorpion and snail venoms…

Dr. Bryan Ardis revealed that his unvaxxed wife, Jayne, just tested positive for scorpion and snail venoms…

And he traces their origins to the poisons in our food supply!

“When scorpion venom populated in her body, I then knew Monsanto and their use of insecticides that are made from scorpion venoms, maybe it's found in Roundup or in glyphosate.

Dr. Ardis then purchased and tested Roundup and Roundup Plus (the more concentrated version)... And confirmed his worst fears:

“So just so you know, this is what we're up against. They have been utilizing glyphosate, which actually has every published side effect identical to snake venom in the human body. It does three things. Established in 2003, glyphosate, the worldwide most used herbicide, insecticide, sprayed on all your food you're eating. It mimics the same action of all venoms with these three minerals.”

I couldn’t believe my ears when Dr. Ardis revealed the sheer number of deadly venoms sprayed on our food crops…

So I'm gonna read to you what they found in Roundup. Venom from Scorpions was the first venom that was published.

“Inside of Roundup was also found a venom called Snake Venom Metalloproteinase Inhibitor. This is what makes the cells of your body destroy or deplete you of copper and zinc. Metal proteinases from venoms do that and it's in Roundup glyphosate.

“King Cobra venom was found inside of it.

“Scorpion venom called myoxocephalus scorpius somatostatin somatostatin that's manufactured in E. coli bacteria around the world, which is how they make these insecticides.

“That specific scorpion venom is in Roundup and was the same one we found in my wife's body. And then they found cone snail venom specifically from the virgin cone snail called Conotoxin 10.

“They found Malayan krait venom in Roundup, which is the actual origin of COVID supposedly.

“Chinese researchers in January of 2020 confirmed bungalow toxin, which is the venom of a krait snake, is the origin of COVID and it's inside of Roundup.


“Now how much Roundup's been sprayed around the entire world that you've been exposed to in your food as it's sprayed on all your farms, drawn up into your plants and you eat it, and then how much of it is sprayed on farms around the world and then irrigation and rain takes those venom sprayed all over your farms all over the world, like Roundup and glyphosate, and then it gets into your water tables and then you drink it or shower in it. It's just disgusting.”

Dr. Ardis is not the only doctor calling out the poisons in our food supply… Even though the others aren’t talking about venoms (yet)...

Scientists at the University of Iowa just released a study demonstrating that there really are no “safe” levels of glyphosate…

Because despite what the “officials” tell you, even small amounts of glyphosate can disrupt the gut microbiome… Which is where at least 80% of your immune system is found.

Shockingly, “venom biodiversity” is actually recognized in agriculture, and it’s becoming increasingly common!

What on earth is our world coming to when scientists tell us:

“Agriculture, environment, and society are benefitting from this use of venom biodiversity and biotechnology.”

Are these scientists blind to the rampant diseases and deaths caused by venoms in our food supply?

 Or do they look at them as “collateral damage” in pursuit of “advancements” in science and technology?

What I do know is that we MUST do everything within our power to get the TRUTH out to everyone we know…

Tell them to eat only organic foods… And teach them how to detox their body the RIGHT way…

By working together, we CAN save lives.

 To your health,

 Jonathan Otto


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