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Dr. Mike Yeadon: “I Didn’t Do My Homework” – “I’m Ashamed That I Was Pro-Vaccine”

“Refuse genetic vaccines!” urged former Pfizer allergy and respiratory research chief scientist Dr. Mike Yeadon during World Council for Health’s 66th General Assembly.

“I certainly, when I was in [the pharmaceutical] industry, I was pro-vaccine. I would say I now abstain at best. And I’m ashamed that I was pro-vaccine because I didn’t do my homework,” confessed Yeadon.

“I worked in the field of small molecules, pharmaceuticals,” he continued.

“I was never in the field of biologicals, where the therapeutics that are vaccines were made. I never looked at the data. I never thought hard about it. I just accepted what I’ve been taught at school and in university. And once you start looking, you realize it’s extraordinarily questionable what’s gone on for decades.”

Yeadon’s tale, I’m sure, is a typical story of intellectual negligence, where 99% of individuals believe what they are told. They don’t do their own research. Instead, they trust the work that’s been laid out before them without taking a metaphorical look under the microscope to discover things for themself.

But because the COVID debacle opened the eyes of so many, all vaccines are now in question. Trust in them is at an all-time low — and books like ‘Turtles All the Way Down’ are making waves. Perhaps Robert F. Kennedy, Jr and Children’s Health Defense may not be crazy after all.

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