Engineer Claims He Has Proof COVID & COVID Vaccines Are Bioweapons – Deleted Wuhan Database

What happens if this is proven to be true? They don't want you to see this


In a town hall meeting in Barbados, a professional race car engineer with a background in nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, marine biology, and civil and aerospace engineering, educates the people in attendance on what he says is the source of COVID, and why it is, in fact, a biological weapon along with the vaccines being administered.

He says he has ⁣leaked Pfizer jab documents & access to the Wuhan labs “deleted” database! Vital information that could prove the the entire pandemic was planned? Yet the “board” doesn’t want to know?


“My name is Fred Corbin. I’m a professional race car engineer. I have a background in nuclear, biological and chemical weapons study. And I also have civil engineering, aerospace engineering and marine biology has core related subjects of study. I came here this afternoon, not only to represent the people of Barbados, but to bring a certain educational perspective to what a tremendous amount of people have been asking me with the kind of background that I have in understanding what is actually going on. So I have one question, which I don’t want to response to. I don’t really need a response to the question. And then I have a series of points I would like to back up that question with. And I’d like to address this question directly to the chief medical officer and my lady over there in the corner. I’d like to ask the chief medical officer please to provide evidence for the public education that describes the isolation of a SARS COV 2 virus directly from a sample taken from a deceased patient, where the patient sample was not first combined with any other source of genetic material, ie monkey kidney cells, aka veero cells, liver cancer cells.” – Fred Corbin