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Eradicating Anzac Day. Slaughtering our brumbies. Dumping all things Australian?

The globalist imposters know that a country with a strong national identity will not fit into their NWO plans.

They have to eradicate our culture and heritage and they do that with things like mass immigration, and the quiet dismantling of our national customs.

Woolworths is dumping Australia Day merchandise from all of their stores, stating, “There has been a gradual decline in demand for Australia Day merchandise from our stores over recent years. At the same time there’s been broader discussion about January 26 and what it means to different parts of the community.”

Woolworths has, however, continued to promote other multicultural days.

Australia as a whole is walking in line with the UN Replacement Migration agenda. The aim is to destroy national identity, but promote every other nation under the guise of “multiculturalism.” This is in order to create “One World Citizen” identity rather than patriotism for one’s own country.

Surely Woolworths being proudly listed on the UN’s website is a complete coincidence.

Wakey wakey Australia.

The communists hate everything we hold dear.

This Australia Day…

let’s send a strong message.

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