EXCLUSIVE: Dr Mike Yeadon talks to The Daily Expose…


Dr Mike Yeadon has been in contact with us here at The Daily Expose with a message for everybody. This is what he had to say…

To anyone confused by what’s going on, with:

Untrustworthy PCR mass testing (so we don’t really know where each nations epidemics stand & we certainly cannot have confidence in numbers of deaths attributed to Covid19), through

Mask mandates (not supported by any trials evidence) and

Lockdowns (which are repeatedly proven not to work, nor would you expect them too, given it’s infectious contacts which matter, which requires symptoms and illness, such people are not out & about, so shutting down most of civil society isn’t going to reduce infectious contacts, which occur mostly in institutions) and now to

Vaccination of everyone – not only those at risk but everyone else, including, in due course, minor children & even newborns.

Globally repeated almost everywhere. What a coincidence, I’m sure it’s merely coincidence theorists who ignore all this information hiding in plain sight.

Can you come up with a benign explanation for all this? No, me neither.

Ok, right down the rabbit hole. Feel free to laugh nervously. Then show why I’m wrong. If you cannot, please don’t later say “We never knew! We didn’t recognise it as fascism! We just followed orders!”

We face imminent medical tyranny.

I believe the combination of vaccine passports & superfluous ‘top up vaccines’ are to be used for malign purposes.

Obviously I do not know the details, as it’s not my crime. But crimes against humanity are certainly being committed in my country & elsewhere.

My deductions are solidly based as I’m a pretty well educated immunologist. I’ve also checked in with several top class immunologists.

Of course, you already know this: do not accede to vaccination, unless for sound, medical reasons. Otherwise, if you are not at risk from the virus, do not conspire with our captors. Your vaccination doesn’t protect others. All the vulnerable in U.K. have been protected. Only none vaccinated people could acquire the virus & get ill. Almost no one will die. So it’s madness what’s happening. Even pregnant women are being lied to & deceived in order to pressure them to get vaccinated (see letter on UKMFA Does that sound like a measured policy? Nothing I write is faintly controversial.

Yet the EU has just voted for vaccine passports, contrary to numerous international laws arising from the last time medical fascism ruled. Unfortunately it’s happening again, which is why there’s reckless pressure to vaccinate people not at risk. That this is being allowed tells us medical ethics has died in U.K. as vaccinating tens of millions of younger, healthy people has the inevitable consequences of injuring or killing some people who would not have died. This is inevitable as no medical intervention comes with zero risk. I’m not even alleging specific risks (though these exist and we tried to warn the EMA about blood clots a month ago, and later put out an open letter to this effect, but I was completely censored, even having used a commercial news wire service).

I fear that, for the first time in history, every human will have a digital ID associated with their health status including vaccination. I think the vaccination is not even very relevant. Its just a ready means. It’s the digital ID, in one place, which will be used to grant, or not, any privileges by the controller of the database. That’s never happened before in human history. It will be abused. Don’t get vaccinated. Accept the limitations & fight the illegality. Accepting vaccination will lead to the next part.

I am sure as an immunologist that virus variants have no chance whatsoever of escaping immunity. No variant is less than 99.7% identical to the original virus. It’s laughable to suggest that a change similar in proportion to me putting sunglasses on will mean that people who know me will then not recognise me.

Yet pharma is actually manufacturing top up vaccines. Global medicines regulators have decided that because these are similar to the original vaccines, no safety studies are needed.

If I’m right, and I’m sure I am, superfluous genetic sequences will be administered to a large slice of the worlds population. For no benign reason.

Associated to vaccine passports & I can see none other than a very, very dark future ahead.

I know that what I outline is so extreme that people won’t hear, listen, take in or believe it. They’ll assume I’ve lost my mind. I have not. Instead, I’ve read more original research articles in the last year than at any time since I stood down as CEO of a biotech company I‘d co-founded. My life in the surface would be much more fun if I just shut up. Don’t think I too don’t want to run & hide from this. But I just can’t. It’s not for me but my children & grandchildren. I want you to feel protective towards yours.

In this information & psychological operations war, there are no Allies. No one is about to come & save us. Only we can save ourselves. Peacefully, firmly & in huge numbers, say & show that WE DO NOT CONSENT. I’m a law abiding citizen, but as a former senior judge said, in essence, when laws are bad, you have an obligation to dispute them. Do not assist in medical tyranny by using the thin excuse that “you were only following orders”.

Yet my heart is sure, as is my brain. I was raised by foster parents who’s relatives died in the Nazi death camps. They were incredible people. Determined & compassionate, they took in a lost, moody teenager & helped shape the person I became. I owe them & their memory & fight. I will fight, no matter the cost. This is my obligation.

But how can I communicate this, without immediately being classified as insane? I would value the opportunity to liaise with anyone with whom I can be a force multiplier.

With best wishes. Though I wasn’t raised in a specific faith, I’ve started signing off with may God save us all.


Dr Mike Yeadon

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