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Exclusive: Is The Government of Hawaii Lying About The Missing and Dead on Maui?

By Larry Johnson Aug. 17, 2023 7:00 am

I received information tonight from a highly reliable source who is on Maui and is involved with the emergency response. The source is a person of high integrity and shared this information with a mutual friend, who passed it on to me. The source says the situation on Maui is far worse than what is being reported.

Our mutual friend checked on the source last week and the source said the Maui government is covering up the deaths.

The source had just returned from a big meeting on Oahu convened to coordinate the response to the disaster. The source said that there are 2000 people missing and that FEMA estimates at least 1-2000 dead on Maui, especially Lahaina. It was essentially burned to the ground and the residents were told to shelter in place. Many are probably dead.

It is no surprise that Hawaiian authorities upped the death toll today to 106. That number will continue to rise.

The source said that Maui authorities will not declare human remains as another countable death unless the body is complete. Really? When you have a corpse killed by being incinerated you will be lucky to find teeth. All human remains are to remain in place until a team of 6-7 forensics guys can determine no foul play. That’s gonna take a couple weeks, so the bodies will either rot, or be stripped by maggots/vermin.

This is a catastrophe beyond imagination and the response of the State governments has been appalling. Surprisingly, local rescue workers have high praise for the FEMA response team. They are doing the work the State government refused to do. Instead of transparency it looks like the outside world is being fed disinformation by the local government in order to down play the scope and scale of the disaster.

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