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Explicit Government Policy to Commit Mass-Murder and Genocide

Explosive revelations from former Pharma-Insider Sasha Latypova: People need to understand it is not just Bad Pharma. It's worse than that.

Uwe Alschner Mar 17

Much has been said and written about the riddles, discrepancies and contradictions in the Covid-Countermeasures. It is not about health, it doesn’t add up.

In a recent interview with Robert F. Kennedy jr., Sasha Latypova spoke about the work she has done, together with paralegal researcher Katherine Watt on the military nature of the countermeasures (“Kill Box”). This is an edited excerpt of what Ms. Latypova said:

↑ Excerpt of Sasha Latypova statement on RFKjr/The Defender

»I am describing a very illegal structure that is made legal on paper. It’s unlawful. Government is driving this. People mis-understand that this is just another instance of big-pharma corruption. It is much, much bigger than that. Because the FDA and the US-Government extended their immunity from prosection under PREP-Act to these people. They said: “Here is billions, and billions of Dollars, very quickly. Just do this under the DoD-contract. And we are going to protect you, we’re gonna give you this protection we have as a government to do this these tings, to you as private manufacture, as long as you follow orders and you don’t ask any questions.”

And that’s exactly what is happening here. (…) In a lot of places FDA and the regulators align on behalf of the private manufacturers.

Also the DoJ Lawyers are showing up in court, defending Pfizer’s commercial interests. Well, it’s not Pfizer’s commercial interest. It’s the government’s commercial interest. And also in the international contracts, you remember, they have these predatory clauses where Pfizer takes possession of military bases and government state assets if they get sued. I would ask: Why would a private manufacturer for civil protection want a Military Base? It’s because it is not the pharmaceutical manufacturer, it’s the U.S. government that wants that Military Base. That’s what people need to understand.

It’s a merger of Pharma with Government. You can’t treat it as just Bad Pharma, a private company being bad. It’s them together being bad. and that’s a much, much worse problem we have.


They already invoked it in Brook Jackson’s case. They are saying: “We did not defraud the Government. We delivered the Fraud that the Government ordered.” (…) That admission alone is priceless. And we need to elicit these admissions in Court. They need to tell us ultimately, through whatever method were are going after: “It’s an explicit U.S. Government Policy to commit Mass-Murder and Genocide”. Or: “These were rougue actors, these people, Robert Kadlec, Peter Marx, Fauci, whoever, these specific individuals, they were rougue actors and acting outside of their authority.” (…) Those are ultimately the admissions we need to make from them, and need to repeat them over, and over again, so that everybody hears them.«


“It’s an explicit U.S. Government Policy to commit Massmurder and Genocide”


The intellectual challenge for many people with this statement is obvious: What kind of Government would do that? It is much easier for people to stick with a concept of corporate greed. But as Latypova and Watt point out: the evidence is clear. With hardly anyone in parliament, the legislation has been put in place by parliament, and it has been enacted, as was shown by the Pfizer attorneys in court. But then, why would Government do that?

Of course, everything depends on the definition of “Government”. If you believe in what Trusted News Initiatives tell you, then you will end up in the cognitive dissonance explained in the previous paragraph. Government for you is elected democratically in free elections by the people. Government would never do what they did, right?

However, if you are aware of the immense influence being exerted over Government (and Parliament, or “Science” for that matter), you may begin to understand that Government may not be acting in your best interest, but rather on behalf of powerful “vested interests”.

So the question is: Who is invested in both sides? Who controls Pharma, and who controls Governments?

»[W]ho has the muscle, the power, the influence, the stakeholders in all those different sectors, to be able to coordinate them in a way to pull this off?«

It was Dr. Vladimir Zelenko who asked this question in Episode 3 of “Never Again Is Now Global”.

He gave the answer as well, saying that

“if people really look, they’ll find out that 70% of the world’s corporate wealth is managed by two companies, BlackRock and Vanguard. They’re a monopoly because they invest in each other, called—through circular investment. So they have—in other words, let me simplify it: they own Pepsi, they own Coke, they own CNN, they own Fox. You get it? And through endowments, they control media and academia, and they are the industry. So I challenge people to break the veil, the corporate veil of the Vanguard-BlackRock monopoly and you’ll get closer to the real conspirators.«

By saying “you’ll get closer to the real conspirators”, Dr. Zelenko was aware that having power is not proof of excercising it. But in the same sentence, he also gives away that he was certain there were “real conspirators” at work during Covid. Later Zelenko even mentions the name Klaus Schwab. Here is what Mr. Schwab said about Governments: “But what we are very proud of is (…) that we penetrate the cabinets [of Governments all around the world].”

As Schwab has conceded, there is direct “penetration” of Governments by private, commercial, non-elected parties. But it is also fact that influence on Governments is being exterted indirectly, too, through powerful advisors and “think tanks”, such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission or Foundations such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and others, which have become socially accepted as “philanthropist”. Few people know that similar “tax exempt Foundations” in the past had indeed been “discussing” how to achieve change in society behind closed doors. And came up with answers.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that such records are old and irrelevant today. Then and now Philanthropy was and is associated with what Dr. Zelenko in Episode 3 termed “the concept of hierarchy in humanity” which had existed for centuries and been the bedrock of the concept of Eugenics. It served as pseudo-scientific justification for the Nazi-Ideology of a “Germanic Master Race”. Josef Mengele conducted his experiments on Auschwitz-inmates in the name of Eugenics. Mengele (and many other scientists and doctors) were financed by corporate donors and Philanthropic Foundations such as the Rockefeller Foundation.

Just as the public needs to understand that, as Sasha Latypova said, it is Government which is implementing policies to commit Mass-Murder and Genocide, it is equally important for people to understand that “Never Again” is indeed now, and it is global. The mere fact that “no Gas-Chambers exist” doesn’t mean it’s not. As Rabbi Michoel Green said in Episode 1: “Now it’s not at the hands of brown coats. Now it’s the hands of white coats, in the name of science.”

Sasha Latypova in her interview with Robert F. Kennedy jr. mentioned the technique of Western Blots, and how Pfizer had indeed submitted fake Western Blots, the test that shows that this mRNA produced the Spike protein.” Everybody take note: the Blots submitted to regulators were fake! Which means: nobody knows what the injected mRNA codes for. Of course, this gives even more power to how Dr. Mike Yeadon described the potential for danger from the genetic injections:

»And if that vaccine was, say a genetic vaccine like the ones we’ve seen used here, and if that shuts your liver down in nine months, I could design that as well, I promise you. I can put repressors and promoter genes in that, quite short pieces. They look very similar. They look very similar to the ones you’ve got already, so you would not be able to tell. Even people making it would not be able to tell that this is not a vaccine against the variants. But I could insert a piece that will either shut your kidneys down, give you liver cancer, cause you to go blind, anything you like.«

The Genocide, as Dr. Zelenko made clear, is

»not anti-Semitic this time. In reality many of the perpetrators [even] are Jews. It’s not anti-Semitic. It’s something else. It’s demonic. It’s like the distillation product of evil. And what its intention is is also, there’s a superhuman class, which are the self-anointed; let’s say evolved in higher levels of consciousness people—they believe so. I don’t think there’s anything evolved by them.

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