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False claims regarding forced vaccinations

25 November 2021

Defence is aware of social media posts claiming the Australian Defence Force (ADF) is forcibly vaccinating or detaining members of the Australian community.

These claims are emphatically false.

Defence personnel currently supporting Northern Territory Government authorities cannot forcibly remove residents from their homes, forcibly vaccinate residents against their will nor forcibly prevent residents from filming or photographing events in public places.

Defence is supporting the Whole-of-Government response to COVID-19 under Operation COVID-19 ASSIST, providing support as requested by States and Territories through Emergency Management Australia. Primarily this support focuses on COVID testing, the welfare of community and supporting measure to slow the spread of the COVID.

ADF personnel serve in a supporting role to State and Territory authorities and are not empowered or authorised to conduct any law enforcement activities.

The ADF’s role is to assist Northern Territory authorities do the important work they need to do in order to keep the Northern Territory and Australian community safe.

The ADF is not administering COVID-19 vaccines to the Australian public. However, ADF personnel previously supported administration of COVID-19 vaccines in aged and disability care facilities.

Claims currently gaining prominence within various social media communities are deliberate disinformation based on a theme that has spread globally, been localised for effect, and results in significant and unwarranted concern among residents.

We encourage all social media users to actively report these spurious claims as disinformation through the in-app reporting function.

Media contacts Issued by Ministerial and Executive Coordination and Communication, Department of Defence, Canberra, ACT Phone: 02 6127 1999 Fax: 02 6265 6946

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