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FDA Study Confirms mRNA COVID Vaccines Immediately Increase the Risk of Infants suffering Seizures

A study conducted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has found that giving the mRNA COVID-19 injection to children aged two to five immediately increases the risk of them suffering febrile seizures.

The question asked in the study was –

The FDA’s findings were that in the self-controlled participants aged 2-5 years from three commercial databases, the incidence ratio of febrile seizures significantly increased in the first couple of days following COVID-19 mRNA vaccination.

This means the incidence of febrile seizures was elevated immediately following vaccination with the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines.

Febrile seizures can be scary to watch, as the child may exhibit symptoms like shaking of arms and legs, rolling of the eyes, and loss of consciousness.

Parents and caregivers are advised to attempt to keep the child safe during a seizure, laying them on a surface where they can’t fall or hurt themselves, and turning their head to the side to prevent choking.

It’s also important to address the fever and underlying cause with appropriate medical care.

If a child experiences a febrile seizure, medical advice should be sought to rule out serious conditions and to provide guidance on managing seizures in the future.

The FDA study concluded that children aged 2 to 5 showed an elevated incidence ratio of febrile seizures following COVID-19 mRNA vaccination yet still had the cheek to claim the safety profile remains favourable for use in children.

Proving it’s not about health but about wealth.


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