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‼️ Flu and the common cold are not diseases ‼️

‼️ Flu and cold are not diseases - Common Cold ‼️

They are the body’s detoxification process renamed as a virus.

To shift the blame from the body being intentionally poisoned and keep people taking MORE poisons.

To avoid getting sick, clean your inside terrain with healthy alkaline food, distilled water, exercise, spend time outdoors to get some sunshine/Vitamin D and sleep/rest well to let your body recover/heal. That’s it.!!

Stop looking for a magic fix all. Those who think they caught something hinder their body detox by stopping “symptoms” with more poison.

When you catch a cold, it normally takes 7 days... don't be a wimp and think it's the death of you!!! Take a lot of Vitamin D, keep your body alkaline while your body is doing you a great favour of cleaning up.

A healthy man/woman/child is bad for the industry of poisoning people. They need a cycle of making you sicker for their profits.

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