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From Australia

"I think I’m probably the first commentator to say this,

but the attacks in Maui are on par with the attacks of 911 in New York City.

When the twin towers came down and world trade tower 7 was also dropped using explosives as part of a controlled demolition,

It was obviously an inside job that was used to drive the agenda for the so-called “war on terror.”

The perpetrators had no problem incinerating around 4000 Americans while they were at work,

as well as the other victims who were in their offices at the Pentagon which was hit by a missile.

When you really look at it for what it is,

what has just happened in Maui is really not that different to what happened in New York.

Both were planned attacks and used sophisticated weapons to kill innocent Americans and drive a new agenda,

Only this time,

it’s not the war on terror.

It’s the so-called war on “climate change” which is really just a war on humanity itself.

These people are sociopaths and their evil seems to have no limits…

But the people of the world are catching on, which is only going to make these maniacs even more desperate.

While I don’t want to focus on what may or may not happen this summer in Australia…

what we do know is that this is one of the main testing grounds for the NWO

So my only suggestion is to hope and pray for the absolute best,

But to also mentally and physically prepare for just about anything.

God helps those who help themselves

Most of all,

never forget the power of prayer 🙏"

David Oneeg

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