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Fully Informed Consent for Childhood Vaccines – or Malpractice?

By Diane Perlman, PhD

“… we’re never going to learn about how safe this vaccine is unless we start giving it.” – Professor Eric Rubin of Harvard University, actually testifying to the VRBPAC panel regarding the high incidences of myocarditis and deaths, mostly in younger males following mRNA injections

An hour of informed consent is worth a lifetime of regret.

Children are not capable of informed consent. Parents are capable but many defer to the CDC as a trustworthy authority, despite evidence of incomplete and fraudulent data, exclusion of subjects from the study, whistleblower testimony and expert warnings in public comments. .

As a parent or guardian you are responsible to do your own due diligence regarding the short and long-term safety of your child.

Before you allow your child to be injected with mRNA with polyethylene glycol and other ingredients, some not disclosed, you are responsible for being fully informed. The best time to become informed is before injecting this onto your child’s body, not after.


Any person who gives consent to a medical procedure for themselves or their dependents, must be fully informed of ALL the known or potential adverse effects of the treatment. If they have not been FULLY INFORMED those responsible for obtaining consent are guilty of malpractice.

___ I agree (or not) to allow my child to receive the Pfizer BioNTech mRNA injection knowing that it remains experimental and that safety testing is incomplete and inconclusive

___ I am informed (or not) that mRNA injections are technically not “vaccines,” and that they do not prevent infection and transmission.

____ I am informed (or not) that effectiveness of the Pfizer ‘vaccines” wanes in a few months and my child may be required to take booster shots several times a year, indefinitely.

___ I am informed (or not) that there is no fully approved FDA covid vaccine that is available in the US

___ I am informed (or not) that the FDA and CDC are permitting administration of the Pfizer mRNA injections to 5 – 11 year-old based on an EUA, Emergency Use Authorization, even though there is no emergency for 5 – 11-year-olds.

___ I am informed (or not) that the Covid-19 poses no risk to healthy children. The few children who died had serious illnesses like leukemia, cystic fibrosis and other serious diseases. They died with Covid, not from Covid.

___ I am informed that there exist protocols for effective early treatments for Covid that prevent hospitalizations and deaths, and that doctors who have been educating about these have been censored.

___ Most children who get Covid have mild symptoms, if any, and acquire superior, robust and enduring natural immunity shown to persist for many years or a lifetime and is effective against variants. T-cell tests demonstrate natural immunity whether or not there are also antibodies.

____ I am informed that at least 42% have natural immunity which is far superior compared to vaccine immunity and that those with natural immunity have no benefit from the vaccines and no legitimate reason to incur the risk.

____ I am informed that those with natural immunity to Covid-19 have at least a 30% higher risk of adverse reactions to the shots, including death, and have been warned by experts like Dr. Hooman Noorchasm and many others of this unnecessary, high risk.

____ I am informed that we have no information now about long-term reactions that may show up in days, weeks, months, years or decades

____ I am informed that the Pfizer shots instruct the cells to manufacture spike proteins which circulate the body and lodge in many organs, in high concentrations in the endothelial cells, ovaries and testes, spleen, heart, and cross the blood-brain barrier

___ I am informed that based on animal studies and “vaccine” data thus far some scientists are concerned about vaccine-induced infertility and chronic diseases in the future

___ I am informed that those receiving the vaccines have a risk of myocarditis, especially high in young males, and that instead of the expected rate of 1 -4 cases in 12 – 17 year olds there were 128.

___ I am informed that the CDC has not adequately investigated the 800 cases of myocarditis and has falsely claimed that there is more myocarditis from getting Covid than from the “vaccines.” Their “remedy” for this undeniable risk was increased surveillance.

___ I am informed that four Nordic countries halted the use of mRNA injections in some age groups due to the risk of myocarditis.

___ I am informed about CDC’s voluntary VAERS, the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System. It is estimated that only 1% – 10% of adverse events are reported. Doctors, injured, and their family members describe difficulty and complications of reporting. Many doctors are not aware of VAERS and many reports have been scrubbed.

___ I am informed that the vaccine generates spike proteins that penetrate ovaries, testes, brain, spinal cord, nervous system, heart, lungs, intestines, kidneys, and cross the placenta in pregnant women.

___ I am informed that the adverse effects from mRNA “vaccines” may include micro clots in their cardiovascular system, anaphylactic shock, allergic reactions, blood clotting and bleeding disorders, thrombosis in the brain other thrombotic events, myocarditis, pericarditis, heart damage, stroke, tinnitus, vertigo, etc.

___ I am informed that if my child has symptoms of concern after the frost shot, they should not get the second

___ I am informed that longer term events might include antibody dependent enhancement, development of autoimmune diseases, neurodegenerative disorders, prion disease and an increase in chronic diseases and reproductive harms including infertility.

Studies used as a basis for approval for Emergency Use Authorization

___ I am informed that the studies were conducted by Pfizer, with conflicts of interest, and not by any independent researcher, and that all the data was controlled by Pfizer, including elimination of subjects who had adverse reactions to the first or second dose.

___ I am informed that the studies were conducted on very few subjects, far, few fewer than other treatments before being administered to the public, too few to detect reactions that occur in 1/5000 of the population

___ I am informed that subjects were followed for a very short time, so no longer term effects beyond 2 months can be known

___ I am informed that the only adverse reactions to the shots recoded include arm soreness, fever chills, and fatigue and there was no way to record other adverse reactions.

___ I am informed that many subjects who had adverse reactions were eliminated from the study

___ I am informed that most with adverse reactions and severe adverse reactions were misdiagnosed, told it was psychological, denied and abandoned.

___ I am informed that studies were methodologically flawed in many ways

___ I am informed that studies extrapolating from studies done on 12 – 17 year-olds, it is a statistical certainty that there will be adverse reactions, injuries, disabilities, trauma and deaths among 5 – 11 year-olds.

____ I am informed that the childhood dose is 1/3 of the adult dose, but it is not less if one accounts for weight. The lower the weight, the more likely for adverse effects.

Risk/Benefit Analysis

Each person has a unique risk/benefit ratio. It is not one size fits all. Older people with co-morbidities have a higher risk from Covid and a lower risk from the “vaccines.” Younger people have almost no risk at all for Covid and increasingly higher risks from the “vaccines” with younger age.

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