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GAZA - Words Fail Us

Some of the following images are heartbreaking, graphic and confronting and intentionally being kept from view by the Mainstream Media.

Please also remember that ALL wars and conflicts are created, not only to cause devastation and death, but also to polarise and distract attention, while the hidden hand continues to go about implementing the GREAT RESET for TOTAL WORLD CONTROL and WEALTH TRANSFER.

It's been done repeatedly throughout history and has always been their modus operandi - to distract, obfuscate and pit everyone against each other. They don't care who dies, Gentiles or Jews, the more the better.

Israels "War on Gaza"

ZIONIST POLICE are now spraying SEWAGE WATER mixed with POTENT CHEMICALS at Palestinians in Jerusalem.

A local Palestinian explains: “It’s the worst thing you can ever smell in your life and if it touches anything, the smell stays for 4 days.”

"Israel" is using toxic gas against Palestinians.

Awaiting further verification on type of gas used.

Sources have stated that the IOF is advancing four hours after deploying these gases, which were used in the main zone of operations, specifically in Beit Lahia and Beit Hanoun.

The Zionist are breaking every law in the book and getting away with it.

This is how the Zionist cowards “DEFEND THEMSELVES” against Palestinian children.

And the "world" cheers them on.

“She’s still alive”: footage of a girl being rescued from rubble in the Gaza Strip

Palestinians continue to find bodies of civilians in the destroyed building. This girl was lucky, she managed to survive under the rubble.


BLOODY MORNING for Palestinians in heartbreaking footage above, as Israel levels entire Gaza neighborhood during comms BLACKOUT, leaving bloodied shell-shocked, soot-covered man (00:07) to lead the way in front of wails and screams of devastated family carrying their dead and wounded children.

00:28 child charred and mutilated beyond recognition carried away beside man with his forehead completely blown off.

Dozens of Palestinians killed overnight as Israel "expands" ground operations, intensifying bombardment of the besieged enclave.

The Zionist are threatening the weak.

In a not-unprecedented move, the IOF is threatening to bomb Al-Quds hospital, as reported by the Palestinian Red Crescent.

Al-Quds Hospital is currently holding 14,000 Palestinians seeking refuge, not to mention scores of injured.

Additional footage from Gaza, where the Zionist army destroyed full neighborhoods and leveled entire towns.

'Israeli' Zionist raids continue in Jenin camp, and according to new footage, the force is destroying several shops using bulldozers.

Additionally, the roads are being dug out

A Palestinian man inspects the destruction of his house targeted by 'Israeli' occupation warplanes in Gaza.

lsraeli occupation forces blow up a house in Jenin camp during a mass military invasion in northern West Bank.

The Zionist destruction continues


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