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GERMANY: This is what winning looks like and you won't see it on any mainstream media outlet.

After bringing Straubing to a complete halt, the government is backing down on several tyrannical and nonsensical taxation & net zero policies impacting food production to the detriment of the local farmers. Who said Europe is dead? The battle continues...

German farmers gain some ground but will not stop protesting until the government capitulates

The German government on Thursday dropped part of its plans to cut agricultural subsidies in the face of massive protests from farmers that began last month.

After farmers in their thousands brought Berlin to a standstill, the German government announced on Thursday it would progressively reduce diesel tax breaks, rather than stop them altogether this month as initially proposed.

In a statement published on Thursday, Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s spokesman Steffen Hebestreit also said the initial proposal to cut tax exemptions on agricultural machinery would no longer be implemented and instead the exemptions would remain in place.

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