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Glenn Wheatley, John Farnham's late manager, desperately tried to stop anti-lockdown protestors from

So John Farnham and Glenn Wheatley, his late manager, did not want the famous song to be used to speak up for nurses, firefighters, and ordinary Australians, who did not wish to be bullied into medical experimentation…


Mr Farnham is clearly happy for the labour government to use the famous song for the divide and conquer agenda that is the voice to Parliament?

Okeeeee. Got it.

Thanks for that 🇦🇺🙄


Wheatley was adamant the song not be used by “anti vaxxers.”

He then got double vaccinated and passed away soon after, allegedly from “COVID complications?”

This is awful and once again the media is not telling the full story.

Was it a clot or a stroke, or a heart attack?

Because we are never told such things, we are left to speculate as the divide and conquer continues.

There are two things we can ascertain here;

Firstly, that he was double injected.

And secondly, that if he died from “Covid complications” the safe and effective injections didn’t work did they?

Rip Glen 🙁🙏

“Wheatley, who was double vaccinated, had been sick for a number of weeks and passed away in Melbourne.”

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