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Gov. Greg Abbott Refused To Denounce Klaus Schwab And The World Economic Forum

Gov. Greg Abbott refused to denounce Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum.

Gov. Abbott is a member of the World Economic Forum. He regularly attends the yearly meetings in Davos.

Do you think this man will start a civil war against the elites?

" This is what THEY are planning at the Texas border (Yes, it's BAIT)

The US dollar is failing

The debt CAN'T be paid

They want to cause a civil war here so they can trash our currency and THEIR unpayable debt and start the CBDC system of complete and total enslavement.

They engineered the border crisis, and Abbot is playing his part. He will NOT denounce the WEF: [link to (secure)]

Remember, he and several other complicit governors are starting this fight while the rest of the southern border is WIDE OPEN.

They will film white people killing or hurting brown women and children attempting to cross. It will happen even if the honest people who fell for this bait don't do it, because fed stagers will participate in the show. (Just like the child trafficker they filmed threatening Americans..."soon you will see." BAIT)

All of the other MILLIONS of invaders that are ALREADY HERE, and who CONTINUE TO FLOOD ACROSS THE NM, AZ, AND CA BORDERS, will get enraged and take the US up on their offer of free citizenship for army service [link to (secure)]

And now, you have a Fed army that WILL fire on American citizens, because they're new here, don't give a shit about us, and just saw white people killing brown people at the border in a staged op.

This, my friends, is how bankers fund both sides of a war.

Ban me all you want (my third time today) I'll keep repeating it here to the folks who aren't bots, and are in danger of falling for this dross.

So many people fell for the EXACT SAME TRAP in the Civil War, and that was started by a SCOTUS decision too.

All of them are complicit because Klaus Schwab, the BANKER, infiltrated our government. "


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