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Hamas Leader Blows Whistle: We Are "CIA Psy-Op" To Advance Globalist Agenda

Hamas is not a terrorist organization determined to fight for the Palestinian people, wage war on Israel and reclaim lost land.

In reality, the supposedly deadly terrorist group is actually a globalist psy-op created by the CIA and supported by their supposed enemies Israel to help the globalists achieve their goals of more forever wars in the Middle East.

But don’t take my word for it. That is according to the son of a founding Hamas leader, who has given up his position as a “gilded prince” in the Hamas movement to blow the whistle and tell the world the truth about what is really happening behind the scenes of the terror group.

But there is just one problem for Mosab Hassan Yousef, whose father was a key figure in founding Hamas back in 1987. He wants to tell the Western world the truth about Hamas, but our mainstream media is doing everything they can to suppress his voice and continue pumping our airwaves full of globalist propaganda.

But here at the People’s Voice, we are not censored by globalist paymasters, and we’ve got the whole story for you.


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