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Have you wondered why we’re getting so many grey, hazy skies?

Featured image taken from Have you wondered why we’re getting so many grey, hazy skies? by Carbon Brief, 9 May 2018

Have you wondered why we’re getting so many grey, hazy skies?  Blame Solar Engineering – aka Solar Radiation Management.

Dr. Vernon Coleman has always been opposed to capital punishment.  But he has decided that I will make an exception for the geoengineers and climate engineers.  In the article below he explains why.

Note: Geoengineering involves solar radiation management through the injection of aerosols into the stratosphere, and carbon capture and storage. One of the methods of injecting aerosols into the atmosphere is by spraying particles from aeroplanes. Aerial spraying results in unusual persistent jet emissions which are widely described as chemtrails.

I have always been opposed to capital punishment.  But I have decided that I will make an exception for the geoengineers and climate engineers who are behind the sprinkling of millions of tons of light-reflecting particles in our stratosphere.

I have written before about the sprinkling of powder in the skies (it’s known as solar engineering or solar radiation management).These chemical clouds are designed to cool the earth, and the insane people behind it believe (or at least pretend to believe) the mad theory known as “climate change.” My research suggests that virtually no independent scientists believe the “climate change” theory. The vast majority recognise that it is a confidence trick.

But the conspirators are using climate change as an excuse to block out the Sun’s rays even though they know the damage it will do. Thousands of planes (all running on fossil fuels) are flying around in the stratosphere.

There will, they admit, be inevitable side effects to their plan.

And what are the side effects?

Well, there is famine.

And flooding.

And drought.

And it is already happening.

When you hear about flooding and drought it is blamed on man-made climate change. It is very convenient to be able to blame the problems caused by solar engineering on the fashionable bête noir.

But the floods and the droughts aren’t caused by industry or cars or aeroplanes or farting cows.

These easily dismissed side effects, which are resulting in hundreds of millions of deaths, are being deliberately caused by solar engineering.

The plan, of course, is to reduce the size of the world’s population by wrecking agriculture and leading to mass starvation. And it is working.

These utterly insane and criminal plans have never been approved by any electorate or by any elected bodies.

And it’s all happening already.

Just look up at the sky.

Instead of nice blue skies you will, on most days, see grey, hazy skies. And very little visible sun.

The people responsible for solar engineering should be arrested, tried and then shot. They are a menace to mankind. And they’re already responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths.

Oh, and there’s one other thing.

Now that solar engineering has started it can never ever stop. There will always have to be planes flying around sprinkling their death dust in the stratosphere.I

f you want to know more about the future they have planned for us please read ‘Their Terrifying Plan’ and ‘They want your money and your life’. You can find more books by Vernon Coleman HERE.

About the Author

Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc practised medicine for ten years. He has been a full-time professional author for over 30 years. He is a novelist and campaigning writer and has written many non-fiction books.  He has written over 100 books which have been translated into 22 languages. On his website,,  there are hundreds of articles which are free to read.


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