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Health Freedom: What’s At Stakewith Sayer Ji

It’s important to ask questions during our current worldwide health crisis. Months into this worldwide “pandemic,” restrictive measures are still in place, affecting our personal and professional lives.

  • Why are healthy people advised to stay home and “quarantine”?

  • Why are face coverings required when the virus is supposedly nm in diameter (small enough to slip through almost any fabric)?

  • Who benefits from a fearful and shuttered population?

  • What do we stand to lose if we continue to give up our civil liberties, presumably for the health of the population?

Sayer Ji, the founder of GreenMedInfo, the world’s largest open-access natural health database, and the author of “Regenerate,” poses these questions and more. In effect, he challenges the conventional narrative of the pandemic. And he explains what’s at stake–economically, socially, psychologically and health-wise–as we respond to this crisis.

Highlights from the conversation include:

  • The source of the cognitive dissonance many are experiencing

  • Initial predictions were that 2.2 million Americans would die, according to the model from the Imperial College of London

  • Case fatality rate is order of magnitudes lower than what was postulated in this original model

  • Fauci even stated at one point that the case fatality was 0.1%, about the same as that of a seasonal flu

  • More people have lost jobs (60 million in the U.S.) than have died from the “virus”

  • The economic ramifications and the shift of wealth right now (compared to the bailout of banks in 2008)

  • Why it’s important to ask questions about who is behind what’s happening

  • Reasons mask-wearing is psychologically fear-inducing and bad for our health

  • The divisiveness among the population may be there with intention

  • How even families are being told to stay away from each other

  • Why it feels like “gaslighting” and psychological warfare

  • Event 201, orchestrated by The Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum

  • The purpose and scope of the “plandemic”

  • How we couldn’t exist without viruses

  • The steps to genocide include maligning people groups as “vermin” and “dehumanized”

  • How we can avoid victimhood at this time

  • How the mask is a placeholder for future infringements on our rights

  • How our bodies are more resilient and strong than we may realize

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