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Here's a compenium for those still asleep, those with cognitive dissonance and delusional doubters

Today we remember our beautiful brothers and sisters taken from us on 9/11. We pray for their families, their loved ones & for our brave first responders, firefighters & police officers, who risked their lives so others could live.

Keep them in your hearts forever 🙏🏻❤️

They never thought people who filmed the attacks on 9/11 with their JVC handycam would post it to social media years later. There were never any planes.

Say What? 911 - Explosive Information - Bush Jr EXPOSED

Jeffrey Epstein had this painting of Bush in his Manhattan home.

It shows bush playing with paper planes crashing into Jenga towers that represent the Twin Towers. They all knew 9/11 was an inside job and a satanic ritual.

This weird Satanic Ritual on Ground Zero - THE ALL SEEING EYE OF HORUS

Never Forget... 9.11 — *No Planes.

Demolition using nano thermite.

Or else it would've looked like the Empire State building in 1945.

FIREFIGHTERS FOR 9/11 TRUTH - 22 years later, and still the cover up and lies continue.

WE the PEOPLE will never forget what they did. The list is long, very long.

A rainbow appears in New York City 9/11/23. This is incredible!

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✳️ Watch - WWE Predictive Programming 9/11 In 1989 ► HERE:


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