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Here's A Tribute To The Deluded Psychopathic NZ Bloke who's been pulled. And who next?


When you're not really being jabbed but you need to have the creepy Clown show pantomime🤡 to make it look as if you have.🤮

WHY I GOT VACCINATED🤡👍 From the archives.

Imagine being able to lie like this…This is disturbing 😳🇳🇿🤮😈

Stuff of nightmares

“There’s no end point to the vaccination program.”

Straight from the horses mouth

Remember this one…

absolutely sizzling on the columbian?😂🤷🏻‍♂️🤧

Adored by the People


What a curse she was on the fine people of NZ 🤬☝️🇳🇿🔥🤮

Max pays his respects

So who will be his replacement?

Take your pick of the selected secret club member minions of the

Mother WEFfer Anal Schwab.

From an openly Gay Maori to the Minister for Police.

What could possibly go wrong?

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