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Hijacking the Soul: Dr. Exposes the Transhuman Agenda to Digitize and Surveil the Population

The following comment comes from an informed source.

"I've been saying a lot of this for a long time. They are creating an overlay via the CNS -- taking and giving instructions via an AI system.

If her other interviews also cover the quantum realm, which is nothing more than timelines/dimensions/frequency, she is onto it.

When she mentions DARPA, she's more spot on than she knows. This crap comes THROUGH DARPA. But the tech is not OUR military industrial complex. It's Grey tech.

The asshole hybrid humans are essentially tinkering with human DNA signaling and, at the same time, overlaying an entire AI driven synthetic biology that the Regressives can interface with. They are listening and speaking to your biology. They are wiring up your body and your consciousness that is now going to be TRAPPED in a narrow bandwidth (hence they control you and you do not go through the ascension process).

Whilst Dr. Anna has done her best to mitigate the effects, the Morgellons is interlaced with human cells. The higher fight is to continue SPIRITUAL work by raising our frequency -- where that AI signal is simply unable to reach because it's in a lower timeline.

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