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Horror as pets are stuffed into bags and then euthanised during Shanghai's COVID lockdown

Chinese health officials have reportedly been rounding up and killing pets belonging to COVID-positive owners as Shanghai's brutal lockdown approaches the end of its fourth week.

Millions of residents have been confined to their homes since March 28 as the Chinese government remains adamant over its zero-COVID policy - but shocking footage posted online has shed light on a whole new level of cruelty.

One video posted on Twitter shows live cats being packed tightly into green mesh bags, wriggling around on the footpath waiting for collection.

It is understood the animals are being taken away to be euthanised after their owners tested positive for COVID-19.

"26 million people in lockdown in Shanghai. People are committing suicide from their balconies and pets from people getting tested positive for COVID-19 are being collected to be killed and slaughtered," one person tweeted.

Another clip posted earlier this month appeared to show a healthcare worker beat a pet corgi to death after its owner tested positive for COVID-19 and was taken to a quarantine camp.


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