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How Much Proof Do You Need??? A Solution They Do Not Want You To Know About


JUN 15, 2023

Dear subscribers,

This video by Dana Ashley from August 2019 explained to me a lot… including how they almost managed to assassinate me twice. Here a whistleblower describes how 13 members of his research team and family were killed within 2 weeks while working with the Carnicom Institute. It is AI that monitors our threat level, just like I have described.

In the video it is discussed how the nano bots work on a global scale. It proposes solutions like Boron and Apple Cider Vinegar.

Those are some solutions, all valid - but they do not improve everything, as this artificial life form is very complex...and what is happening now is an evolution…

For those who do not believe in what I and Clifford have been saying… it is time to wake up.

Clifford and I are working on other mitigation strategies, more on that soon.

I know this threat is real. I know everything I have been saying, and revealing is true - and worse. I cannot shake people out of their stupor, but I wonder how many people need to die so you believe and do something about this collectively?

People tell me all the time maybe I should be more careful. But if I am, nobody else is speaking about this connection of CDB/ Morgellons and the C19 shots. Who will get the info out? Who will do the research? And what will happen to humanity within a short amount of time if the world does not wake up to this threat? I know so many people who do not believe in what we are seeing in the blood. Because they don’t, they will do nothing about it, and they are becoming ill and are slowly dying due to the acceleration of replication and exponential increase in filament content of their blood. Their life force is being hijacked. Clifford’s and my new research paper that I will post soon shows that clearly again.

I also see this confirmed daily in my medical practice. The blood contamination is getting worse in everyone. As Clifford and I have said, this is an imminent existential threat and all experiments have confirmed that.

Do you have any idea how close we are to the flip to the metaverse? Human bodies are swarming with nanobots and only a few have symptoms of filaments through the skin. Live blood analysis is the closest evidence you will see that it is happening.

As my subscribers, what you can do is share the information. I am aware how dangerous what I am doing is for me. I cannot not do it, because the consequences for the human species are dire. Clifford feels the same.

I pray that it is worth the effort and something big will shift in human awareness. I pray humanity wakes up to who and what we really are up against and massive effort will go into finding solutions.

Please watch this video and share it. It is crucial validation of everything I have explained so far.

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