How They Control the Number of Positive COVID-19 "Cases" Through PCR Testing

If the state wants the number of positive "cases" to go up then all it has to do is increase the number of amplification cycles in the testing protocol.

The test for COVID-19 is not actually testing for COVID-19. The test itself is a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test that is looking for DNA particles.

The PCR test protocol developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) to detect COVID-19 is actually testing for chromosome 8, which is present in everyone. That is correct. One of the primer sequences in the PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 that is used by the WHO is found in all human DNA.

Essentially, we are the virus.

The COVID-19 test is done using reagents to extract a sample of RNA. An enzyme called reverse transcriptase converts the RNA to a complementary sequence of DNA. That DNA (called a primer) is replicated (amplified) many times over so the particular targeted DNA sequence in it can be detected. The more stages of replication the more likely the targeted sequence will be detected.

Sometimes chromosome 8 (a.k.a. COVID-19) is detected and other times it is not detected by the PCR test. The reason it is not always detected is because the PCR test sample (primer) must be amplified. And if the primer is not amplified enough, the DNA sequence will not be identifiable. And that is the scam. If the primer is amplified enough, what has been identified as the COVID-19 virus (a.k.a. chromosome 8) will always be detected. It is the cut-off point for the number of amplifications that determines a positive or a negative result. Now you know why there is an 80% false-positive test result for COVID-19 and why so many people who test positive for COVID-19 are described as asymptomatic. They do not have COVID-19. They have what everyone has, chromosome 8.

ctccctttgttgtgttgt = The DNA sequence for the PCR test for COVID-19. ctccctttgttgtgttgt = Chromosome 8, which is present in all homo sapiens.

How the Scam Works

The state can target anyone with this PCR test. All they need to do is replicate (a.k.a. amplify) the DNA in the primer over and over again until they get a positive result. According to the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, “[t]he higher the viral concentration the lower amplification cycles are necessary.” Whether a person tests positive is just a function of how much of the test subject’s chromosome 8 DNA is found in the primer sample factored against the number of times it is amplified.

Each time the DNA in the sample is amplified it doubles the number of molecules. The doubling is exponential after each cycle of amplification. But the number of cycles can vary from laboratory to laboratory. The probability of testing positive increases as a function of the number of cycles. The cycles for a COVID-19 test typically range from 20 to 30 cycles. The number of cycles is completely arbitrary.

If there is enough then the person will test positive according to the number of times it is amplified per the protocol. The testing protocol for the number of times a primer is amplified is arbitrarily set and it can be arbitrarily reset depending on the needs of the state. 

So if the state wants the number of positive "cases" to go up then all it has to do is increase the number of amplification cycles in the protocol. Oh...and by increasing the numbers of people tested, of course.

What a racket!