How truly tragic Albanese at the Enmore Theatre Spotted having a beer and the crowd goes wild

What a truly sad Indictment of the national psyche and state of the nation.

You would think a man who is handing over Australia to the globalists and who is another marketing agent for big pharma,

would be booed out of the place…

but no, no, no.

All you have to do to win over the dumbos is skol a beer,

indicate you want more beer and then you’re the people’s hero.

It’s moments like these you realise that the average Aussie is still like a blinded kangaroo in the headlights.

Dumb, hypnotised and oblivious to what’s about to run them over.

They have literally NO concept of the deceit, the fraud, the corporation, the spraying, the collusion, the corruption and the agenda to make this country the testing ground for the WEF.

They’d have no idea of the catastrophic injuries being experienced by countless Aussies because of the jabs.

If they did,

Albanese certainly wouldn’t be out in public.