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HUGE News for Australia!

HUGE News for Australia!

Original peoples have now sent a petition to the Governor General and the King to cease and desist the issue of writs for a Voice Referendum. This could very well stop The Voice in its tracks.

This is gaining huge traction around the country, however I'm asking everyone to share this information as the absolute lie that Aboriginal people have been consulted in this process or want The Voice must come to an end.

To quote the letter:

"No consultation has taken place with the individual sovereign nations, tribes and or clans regarding this voice to parliament referendum."


"We hereby request you cease and desist all or any actions required by you to issue the writs pertaining to the voice referendum or to bring this matter in any form to the people of Australia."

Letter attached - let's make it viral!

Petition to King & GG
Download PDF • 305KB

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