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"I have had an equine expert inform me that the most common shot for the Brumbies is a gut shot…

which would make sense since that would be the biggest target, especially when shooting from a moving helicopter.

A gut shot for any animal, but especially a horse, would lead to an unimaginably agonising and slow, torturous death for these magnificent creatures.

The surrounding horses and foals would have to watch their fellows suffer and die a cruel fate for several days.

What is going on right now in the Kosciuszko National Park, thanks to Penny Sharpe, is a national disgrace and an abomination.


Please send a firm but RESPECTFUL email to;

Demanding an independent environmental impact study and an independent headcount of the Brumbies.



"Dear Ms Sharpe,

I implore you to look at the evidence of blatant animal cruelty and mismanagement by parks and wildlife services towards our beloved heritage brumbies.

We all know there are less than 3,000 left in the park.

What will you do after they're all gone? Bring in cattle, goats and sheep?

How can anybody be so callous towards the most iconic Australian Heritage Horse?

It's time to turn the page on this horrific time in Australia's history and close the book on grossly inhumane slaughter of our protected wild animals.

It is foal season.

We have lots of footage of dead and dying baby foals - their blood is on the hands of the bureaucrats who have rubber stamped these aerial culls.

We will expose you all in the end.

It is our duty now as a nation to protect the last of them. As a country of proud Aussies we need to do better than make gross errors in judgement and attempt to "shut the gate once the horse has already bolted".

When these few last Brumbies run out - their kind is lost forever.

You are making them extinct. And they matter.

Their bloodlines matter - they have been a positive part of the ecosystem which has sustained them well for hundreds of years.

Will you be the one to save them?

Or gun for the last of them and fill the mares with bullets while their young are eaten from her womb by wild predators?

Your choice, to be a hero or a heinous and harsh bureaucrat.

We all pray you decide to do what is right and end these culls forever.

There are better ways forward.

Their numbers are already well below the sustainable numbers for the park.

Their bodies are rotting in the pristine waterways already.

We will show the public your bad deeds.

With Regards

The Team of Brumby Advocates


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