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If someone you know is having difficulties joining the C-19 dots...

1. 'They' planned it:

2. 'They' funded it (well actually YOU did) but 'they' used YOUR money:

3. 'They' tested it:

4. 'They' bought 'them' off:

5a. 'They' misused existing tech to LIE TO YOU:


5c. 'They' wanted to make sure YOU would obey them re the vax, so they tested their face mask BS on YOU first, even though it DIDN'T HELP YOU:

Then people jumped in to get the vax, and hated those closest to them if THEY didn't obey...


6. 'They' tested their AUTHORITY OVER YOU in YOUR offices of authority:

And now THIS is what YOU are because YOU didn't wait, didn't listen or worse... BELIEVED 'THEM'..


8. NEVER forget what these 'things' think about YOU...

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