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If ‘trans’ is a vaccine injury, what other dysphoria could vaccines be causing?

We know that vaccines disrupt the regions of the brain that make it possible to socialise with others. Mirror neurons, empathy, sympathy, and intersubjectivity are all affected (sometimes turned way up, often turned way down). Let’s call that social dysphoria, Toby Rogers wrote in a post on Substack Notes.

Vaccines also cause sex dysphoria.  So, what other dysphoria could vaccines be causing?

Last year Rogers wrote a “foundational article” article showing that sex dysphoria is a result of vaccines, in short, it is a vaccine injury.

Sex dysphoria, also known as gender dysphoria, is a condition in which a person experiences distress due to a mismatch between their gender identity and the sex they were assigned at birth.  People who have the condition are often referred to, even by themselves, as “trans” or “non-binary.”  Not all those who identify as “transgender” experience the distress that those with sex dysphoria experience.  However, for many transgender people, gender dysphoria is a common experience.

“If [‘trans’ is a vaccine injury] then isn’t it possible that vaccines trigger all sorts of dysphoria?” Rogers asked and gave some examples:

  • God dysphoria: changing our relationship with God.

  • Nature dysphoria: changing our relationship with nature.

  • Animal dysphoria: changing our relationship with animals.

  • Food dysphoria: changing our relationship with food.

“Once the brain and gut are injured ALL relationships are changed, not just friendships and intimate partnerships. All interactions in the world are changed,” he said.

As his post on Substack Notes referred to a “foundational article” showing sex dysphoria was due to a vaccine injury without linking to the article, we searched for the “foundation article.” While Rogers may publish articles elsewhere, including science journals, we limited our search to his Substack page.  We could only find one article, published two years ago, in which he discussed the topic. 

The following are extracts from the article ‘Trans messaging is too sophisticated to be the work of a small sexual minority dealing with severe health issues’ by Toby Rogers published on 18 July 2022.  We have noted the section titles from Rogers’ article in italics at the beginning of each section for ease of reference.

Note: For those who wish to read more on the subject, other researchers who have been exploring this topic include Steve Kirsch and A Midwestern Doctor.

Sexual Dysphoria Appears to be a Vaccine Injury

The following is the section titled ‘VI. Sexual Dysphoria Appears To Be Vaccine Injury’.

The answer, unfortunately, is HERE:

There are now at least 23 empirical studies that show that people with sexual dysphoria are significantly more likely to be autistic, and vice versa. See literature review HERE (footnotes 12 through to 34).

If autism is the result of injury from toxicants including vaccines (it is), and autistic people are more likely to be trans (they are), then it is also likely that sexual dysphoria is vaccine injury.

If trans is vaccine injury that would explain why the trans population is growing so rapidly. Like autism, there are few trans people in the oldest age groups but in the younger populations, 3% to 5% identify as trans or non-binary. If trans is vaccine injury, the upper bound of the future size of the trans population is a limit approaching 100%.

(As a side note, one of the common characteristics of autism is mixing up pronouns – and alternative pronouns have become one of the hallmarks of the trans movement.)

If trans is vaccine injury that would explain Pharma’s interest in normalising all things trans and why Pharma would be willing to spend billions of dollars on it (independent of the trans community itself).

Look, I wish it wasn’t true. The vaccine debate is already complicated enough without bringing in the gender wars too.

Increasing trans prevalence could also be the result of the pesticide atrazine, which turns male tadpoles into females. Or it could be that vaccines are contaminated with pesticide residues, including atrazine. Theresa Deisher argues that using cell lines from aborted male and female foetuses to grow the antigens used in some vaccines could be wreaking havoc on sexual expression as well. The mechanism of action will be sorted out over time (or not, if Pharma blocks any research into the matter).

But for now, we have a strong association between trans and autism, which raises the question about the role of vaccines, and we are also witnessing the curious fact that trans messaging has all of the hallmarks of a multibillion-dollar Pharma public relations campaign.

Gender, Sex and Big Pharma

The following is extracted from the section titled ‘VII. The left and the right are now completely useless for thinking about gender and biological sex’.

Gender and sex are two different things. Gender is socially constructed performative theatre. Sex is biological, given, and refers to chromosomes, hormones and anatomical features (and yes, somewhere between 0.02% to 1.7% of people are intersex). This is what we spent the last century figuring out and it is backed by mountains of evidence from the social sciences and physical sciences (before they went bonkers at the behest of Pharma).

The real issue here is that the pharmaceutical industry is trying to take over the world. They seek to destroy any independent source of power including families, religion, personal sovereignty, women, men, children, democracy, independent media, science, critical thinking, logic, reason and love itself. Pharma loves everything about the trans movement that they appear to have created and run. It enables them to cover up vaccine (or other toxic) injuries; transition surgery is a big money maker for doctors and trans people are dependent on Pharma for life for hormone and other treatments. Pharma uses the trans community to make money and normalises sexual dysphoria to cover up the evidence of Pharma’s crimes.

Pharma’s astroturf support for all things trans also supports the wider goals of the globalists at the World Economic Forum. Klaus Schwab said the quiet part out loud at a recent conference when he said that power in the future will come from the combination of the material, biological, physical and digital worlds.

The future that Gates, Schwab, Bourla and the predatory globalists want is The Matrix where everyone is chronically ill, plugged into the system and enslaved by the Pharma billionaires. The Pharma totalitarian worldview is mechanistic and deterministic and so human bodies, organs and cells are just seen as gears to be arranged in the global machine that they designed to serve them. Through a combination of toxic injections, political capture and the most sophisticated messaging operation in the history of the world, they are well on their way to accomplishing their goals.

About the Author

Toby Rogers has a PhD in political economy from the University of Sydney, Australia. His doctoral thesis, ‘The Political Economy of Autism’, explores the regulatory history of five classes of toxicants that increase autism risk. He publishes articles on a variety of topics on his Substack page titled ‘uTobian’ which you can subscribe to and follow HERE.

Featured image taken from ‘New Biden Rules Would Bar Discrimination Against Transgender Students’, The New York Times, 23 March 2022


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