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Implementing the CLARA Plan - CLARA - an interesting funding model

What makes the CLARA plan different

Unlike previous proposals for high-speed rail in Australia, which relied heavily on Government funding, CLARA proposes to use the proceeds of future land sales to fund the cost of establishing new smart cities and high-speed rail.

Funded by significant land value uplift

Once the rezoning (i.e. from agricultural land to residential, commercial or industrial land) and development are completed, it is anticipated that the land value uplift would be significant. CLARA would then capture the incremental land values by selling residential, commercial and industrial land to fund the high-speed rail and infrastructure of a new CLARA smart city.

So let me figure this out…

A massive amount of land is first bought along the corridors. The cheaper the better. Must be just a coincidence that flood and fire affect those areas so that land is cheap. They snap up the cheap land and develop it, then sell it off for a profit, and the profit funds the railway.

But where does the billions come from for the initial purchase???

We need to see who is buying land along these corridors. Foreign investors? If so, is the Foreign Investment Review Board giving it’s full blessing? Might make some enquires….

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