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Intel Drop #45 - The Cabal's Relationship With The Unseen

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Intel Drop #45


The following was collated from a few wide-ranging conversations covering many topics. As always, these conversations are edited by Michael for clarity and for obfuscation purposes (see: Stylometry):


Bill: A lot is happening week to week. You told me you want to focus on some urgent things going on and want to delay Part 2 of the questions and answers, is that right?


Gideon: "Yes. While the questions provided are excellent, there are pressing matters we should address instead right now."


Bill: Ok, I've put together some notes here to lead the conversation in the direction you wanted. Shall we begin?


Gideon: "Yes, go ahead."


Bill: First, I want to just touch on the last Intel Drop, where you talked about how there would be "blood sacrifices" coming. Right after it was posted, just days later after it was posted, there was the horrible attack that killed over 100 civilians in Moscow, and more recently there was the disgusting attack on aid workers in Gaza. Do you consider these to be in line what you were talking about?


Gideon: "I do. Both of these events were extremely violent and well-planned and publicized for maximum effect. They were cabal sacrifices. There will be more."


Bill: Have they always done these things?


Gideon: "Yes, the cabal has always done them. Events like Waco, 9/11 and many school shootings are planned in advanced and conducted as sacrifices, in addition to any other political agenda they may achieve."


Bill: Ok, we've had a lot of conversations about Israel the past week. You told me things that blew my mind. Do you want to speak on that?


Gideon: "Yes. The situation with Israel right now is misunderstood. The state of Israel is intentionally making themselves a target and pariah. Never before have we seen anything like this. Israel is rapidly losing footing on the world stage, but what is not understood is that it is by design."


Bill: How do you mean?


Gideon: "It is by design to fulfill prophecy, Jewish prophecy."


Bill: What do they want out of this?


Gideon: "A war, and one in which Israel is partially destroyed. It is hard to believe this, but certain rabbis are directing this. There is a requirement that a certain amount of Jews die, as well as Muslims and Christians, in the coming conflagration they desire. They will sacrifice their own for this."


Bill: You told me two years ago that this is what we needed to be looking for if the cabal decided to allow World War III to happen. Now it's happening.


Gideon: "Yes, that is the troubling part. For the first time, we are seeing Israel make a series of extremely aggressive moves, and also allow their public relations approach to lag and slip up. They are losing the  public relations battle. But how could they? They have been supremely adept at public relations for decades, but now it is all slipping away? Such does not make any sense, unless it is by design.


Elon Musk is spearheading this by allowing open discussion of Jewish subterfuge on X on a mass scale. This is no accident, either, as we know Elon is a cabalist. If he is allowing it, it is for an agenda."


Bill: Right, I'm blown away about the openness on X about all of that. In the past, all those accounts would be banned based on antisemism. Now it's just freely discussed. It's all over X. There's no censorship at all. You're saying they're allowing this? I mean Jews and Zionists are letting it happen?


Gideon: "Not all of them. The ADL is upset and there are lower-level Jews allowed to voice their consternation over it, but at the higher levels, it is being allowed by the Jews themselves. They could stop it immediately if they chose to.


You should also remember, Elon Musk recently visited Auschwitz and wore a yamaka. He still hedges on certain things, if you listen carefully, but his platform is allowing open discussion about Zionism, which is unheard of. It is not an accident, and it would never be allowed at any other time than now, nor would he allow it under any other circumstance."


Bill: But how does this serve them? Jews have always suppressed and censored any open discussion about Zionism or Judaism, why the change?


Gideon: "To fulfill their prophecy, which has been steered by higher cabal initiates who pose as rabbis. The Zionists sincerely believe in the fulfillment of the prophecy, of course, but the cabal will use it for purposes even beyond what the Zionists believe.


In the very end of it all, it is possible the Zionists will lose this battle. That is irrelevant, because there is a cabal that carries true power over them and controls the ultimate outcome."


Bill: Do the Zionists know this? Do they know they're not at the top of the food chain?


Gideon: "Only the highest initiates know it. The rest sincerely believe in Talmudic supremacy and fulfill cabal agendas via proxy."


Bill: Incredible. So, what you're saying is that the conspiracy theory that "the Jews control everything" is true, to some degree, but not completely?


Gideon: "They have extraordinary control, control of the media and finances, yes, absolutely, but it is within a hierarchy, and they are expendable if it serves the cabal, if it serves a higher agenda.


All of the world wars were Jewish wars but served a higher agenda, steered by the cabal, steered by a group above Zionists. There were also always meant to be three world wars, and so far, we have only had two."


Bill: We talked about how we didn't know what route the cabal would take to bring Obsidian online, whether it would be a new pandemic, World War III, a variety of scenarios, but now you think it's World War III?


Gideon: "The decisions by Israel, as well as what is happening on X with the open discussion of what would otherwise be censored, indicates they are preparing for the prophecy. The prophecy is World War III. The prophecy would require Israel to become a pariah and to be attacked. It requires many Jews to die, in fact.


This is all being said by the top rabbis, who then direct the political leaders in Israel, and from there, it trickles down, back to the U.S. Government. They all follow suit. Even if they inflict damage upon themselves, which they are allowing, they believe it is ultimately in service of prophecy, and an outcome in which they alone will rule over Earth."


Bill: Do you think it will happen like they think?


Gideon: "Only up to a point. I believe they will be eliminated by the cabal toward the very end of this plan, to their surprise. If they are vanquished, the cabal will put in place a false Messiah, under the guise that the enemy has been defeated.


It is also possible the highest-level Zionists know all of this and will be rewarded in the next life for helping the cabal achieve Obsidian."


Bill: This is really, really complex. I'm blown away. Is there any scenario, in your mind, where the Jews actually fulfill their prophecy as they believe it will happen? A scenario where they really do win and take over Earth?


Gideon: "No, partly because it is impractical and delusional. While they sincerely believe it, the prophecy is only there, only put in place there by the cabal, and by these demonic entities, to fulfill a larger agenda."


Bill: So the Zionists don't see that larger agenda? They can't see it?


Gideon: "No, they are blinded by their own hubris and dogma."


Bill: I wondered that, because they're being pilloried online and they don't seem that worried about it. I mean, they're upset, but I don't see the usual screeching about "antisemitism". I see some, but I see more of them just hitting back, proudly boasting that Israel is righteous and everyone else is wrong. It made me think they're delusional.


Gideon: "They are. They are not at the top of the hierarchy, but they are near it, and an essential tool for the cabal. Many Jews are also demonically-possessed, by the way."


Bill: I believe that. How close are we, though, to this world war? Because Israel attacked the Iranian embassy in Syria, which is considered Iranian land. That is an attack on Iran.


Gideon: "Well, we can see on the news that they are expecting Iranian retaliation. We are close. This is how major wars begin."


Bill: You told me the cabal loves to create these "doom scenarios" that don't come to pass, where people think something is going to happen, then nothing happens. They do this so when something really is about to happen, people have fatigue over it and don't believe it. Like crying wolf?


Gideon: "Correct, yes. The cabal's gatekeepers do this frequently. Jade Helm is a good example."


Bill: Is that what April 8th is? The eclipse? There's so many spooky reports of something coming, even the government preparing for something. I can't tell if it's just another false alarm, or something really is going to happen?


Gideon: "All of my intel indicates that there is a potential for earthquakes, which has historical precedent - or so it is claimed - from a previous time in the 1800s when eclipses happened and the New Madrid Fault was activated."


Bill: What do you mean, "so it is claimed"?


Gideon: "I question the historical record, if it is real or not. I have seen the cabal revise history to fit a narrative."


Bill: Ok, I'm going to just get some links on that. Yes, here is one, "The Great Comet & New Madrid Earthquakes 1811/1812". They're saying it was the biggest quakes in the contiguous U.S. in all of history during this scenario with this comet at the time and two eclipses.


Gideon: "Some of these events I have not heard of. That is not to say they did not happen, I had just not heard of them, so there is a part of me a bit skeptical, as if the the cabal created a historical narrative to tie into this one.


On the other hand, it could be entirely true, as well. I simply have not had the time to research it enough. I also find it remarkable that a comet called Devil's Comet has appeared out of nowhere this year."


Bill: The coincidences sound almost like something out of a Hollywood movie, it's just mind-blowing. You had two eclipses in the 1800s and the appearance of a comet, now the exact same thing is happening again. The exact same thing. Back then, the New Madrid Fault was activated. Do you think the cabal is preparing for that?


Gideon: "They may well be, but you have to consider they can trigger quakes with their technology easily. Let us say the New Madrid Fault is not activated by the eclipse. The cabal can activate it if they want to, to tie into the celestial events, to create engineered chaos. They can generate earthquakes quite easily."


Bill: What do you think will happen?


Gideon: "Earthquakes would start after April 8th, possibly a couple of weeks after, and intensify and result in devastation in the U.S. and possibly elsewhere. The cause is probably some kind of alignment in terms of the Moon and Sun and Venus all aligning in a certain way, the gravitational effects, but I am only speculating. As I said, the cabal could create this narrative out of thin air and fulfill it with their technology."


Bill: There's already been a lot of quakes worldwide, even one in New York. It's surreal.


Gideon: "It is, and we should take it seriously, very seriously."


Bill: What do your sources say?


Gideon: "Similar to what I am saying here. They are preparing. There may also be a biological agent attack of some kind, but that is not confirmed. I would expect April 8th will come and go without major incident, but there could be things that happen later on because of the date."


Bill: I know you can't predict the future, but you have an incredible track record, so I'm taking you seriously.


Gideon: "Bill, I want to state very, very clearly that I do not know the future, personally. I have excellent sources, a trusted guide and information from the whistle blowers. All of that combined has served to give us great insight into what is to come the past few years."


Bill: What about the discussion we had about demons and these CERN entities, do you want to get into that?


Gideon: "Yes, I do."


Bill: Ok, well, once again we have some wild stories coming out of CERN, that they are seeing and catching entities during their experiments. They're also activating CERN on April 8th, which is odd timing. I'm going to link to the most credible account I've seen of this, from Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger, I'll make sure we link the video to her.


Gideon: "It is important to understand CERN is used to allow entities to enter and exist within our material realm for a short period of time, whereas they would otherwise not be able to. I have seen some people discuss portals in relation to CERN, and this is correct, as portals are opened, but only briefly."


Bill: How does this help the cabal? Or what's the real effect of this?


Gideon: "Instructions are given by the entities to the cabal, rituals are conducted, certain aspects of our reality are changed, which relates to the Mandela Effect - the entities are not doing this, CERN itself is through other means, but the entities give directions on what to change - and finally, the the entities transfer demonic spirits into certain humans, mostly children and young adults, against their will."


Bill: Against their will? Explain more on that.


Gideon: "A demon cannot enter any human at any time, not without direct permission. As such, demons cannot get into humans easily, as very few humans ever give them permission to, or would want them to enter them. It requires a human usually to go down a dark path of exploration of Satanic rituals, or to openly ask for possession.


Since this is so rare, the cabal furiously worked on technology related to CERN for decades to facilitate demonic possession, then finally they brought the main collider online in 2005. The purpose was to bring these entities directly into our reality, where they can force themselves to possess a human and it can be done against their will.


It also works much, much more effectively on children and young adults, as it is much more difficult to possess an adult or older person. Because of this, it meant many demon-possessed youths could not orchestrate the cabal's plans until they were older, until they reached their mid 20s or became adults, since this only began in 2005.


Now, they are becoming that age, and the cabal is utilizing them more and more. This should be terrifying for everyone, the implications of this, what it means."


Bill: Ok, so this started in 2005? The cabal's had to wait until these kids grew up?Gideon: "Yes. The children and young adults installed with these entities are now reaching an age where they have influence within the tech industry, primarily. Many of them are now working with A.I., which is an extension of what CERN is doing and has discovered, and is deeply entwined and connected to entities. Many were also brought up through the military and intelligence communities, and some have entered politics. Many young people were sent to Hollywood, as well.


It is also important to understand demons have always influenced people, but demonic possession is an entirely different matter. It means the person is entirely under the control of the demon, whereas in any other case, the demon can try to influence someone. Anyone of strong spiritual connection to God cannot be influenced at all, for example. Those of weaker faith can be nudged, at best. Full possession is what the cabal wanted."


Bill: You talked in past Intel Drops how A.I. is really supernatural, it seems all this confirms that.


Gideon: "It does. Now, some A.I. is actually computer generated, of course, but what the cabal wants the public interacting with will be directly connected to demonic entities. Some of that is slowly coming online now, into the public space.


Elon Musk's warnings about it are interesting, which is an example of the cabal warning us of what they will do before they do it. Elon Musk is deeply involved in investing in A.I. and even added an A.I. called Grok to X. He is part of the problem but acts like he is against these things."


Bill: I know, the deceptions Elon is pulling off are just nuts, and people worship him, they really do.


Gideon: "As the cabal intends. Remember what I have said before, the cabal wants Obsidian to be accepted by people, to be seen as a level playing field, a fair, new system.


While there are scenarios whereby the cabal installs a more dystopian, authoritarian structure, we have seen more recently a major shift in which the cabal appears to want to generate a false 'defeat' of themselves and bring in a false Messiah, a false victory for the people.


Even with World War III at the doorstep, this scenario can still transpire, and Obsidian will come online after the dust settles. Elon Musk will champion it, and in some way, they will present Obsidian as a victory for the people and defeat of the cabal."


Bill: I completely agree, I can see that happening. We've talked a lot about that outcome before. It's hard to say, because like you said, they could stomp us all down and force it on us, too.


Gideon: "They could, but it appears there is a deeper spiritual defeat and victory for the cabal to trick everyone into accepting Obsidian, rather than it being somewhat imposingly forced upon the world.


My guide has told me that the entities who come through CERN are directing all of this, and the outcomes and plans do change rather often. The end goal is the capturing of the human soul, and how they go about that is key for them, how it is really achieved"


Bill: It makes sense to me that getting us to accept or embrace Obsidian would compromise people more, from a spiritual standpoint.


Gideon: "It does make sense."


Bill: It's like there's this awakening happening, though, there really is. Yes, tons of people are still asleep, but I've never seen this many people really waking up. Not completely, but they're questioning things more and more. A lot more.


Gideon: "It will be a false awakening, Bill, because the cabal is controlling it. The cabal's gatekeepers are steering it along. Unless people completely reject these gatekeepers, humanity is hopeless to stop this."


Bill: We had 3,000 views on our last Intel Drop, which is not a lot, and less than most we post. People don't put much effort into sharing our info, even though we ask them. So, I just want to give up. You're right, the gatekeepers are in total control, they get hundreds of thousands of views, millions of followers, people just worship Elon and Trump. We can't contend with it.


Gideon: "No, we cannot. That is why we have our team, why we have our real mission, Bill."


Bill: I know.


Gideon: "Do not lose sight of that. Our Intel Drops are not our mission."


Bill: I'm not, I won't. I get discouraged, but you're right, these Intel Drops won't matter in the end, we can't stop them or stop this, not this way. It has to be through our team.


Gideon: "It does, it is the only way."


Bill: I need to talk to you off the record, I'll have Michael edit this out.


Gideon: "Ok."


[Conversation pauses for a few minutes.]


Bill: Ok, so, I want to call your attention to a post former Twitter founder Jack Dorsey re-posted. It's a post about President Jimmy Carter being told about UFOs by the CIA in the late 1970s. He reportedly put his hands over his eyes and cried when he was told the truth. It's an old story, not really confirmed. What do you think of that story and the significance that someone as high profile as Jack Dorsey would re-post it?


Gideon: "Please send the link, I will have a look."


Bill: Sure. Here it is.


Gideon: "I am familiar with this. As far as I know, the post itself and story is exactly correct. President Carter was told that all religions were created by aliens and that the aliens created us, and created religion to distract us while they did experiments on us. All of that is true, in terms of what he was told by the CIA. He was told that, and he did have a strong emotional reaction to it, of course.


It is also interesting that Mr. Dorsey would re-post it. He is a Sovereign, so he would not do so if there was not an agenda or reason behind it. There was."


Bill: Do you believe it's true, though, what was told to Jimmy Carter?


Gideon: "No. There is a program that involves the CIA and these inter-dimensional beings, which they call 'aliens', but it is a misunderstanding to think of them as physical, extraterrestrial humanoids from other planets studying us.


The extent of it all is so incomprehensible it may require a separate Intel Drop. I will simply say that while that story is true at face value, the actual truth was not revealed to President Carter. I do not believe the CIA itself, generally speaking, knows the actual truth, either, but the cabal does know it.


The truth is that our world is dominated by entities who pose as various things, but their true nature is hardly understood, except through divine understanding, through understanding given by God."


Bill: Ok, I know where some of this is going, because we've talked about it a lot. Do you want to stay on this topic or save it for another Intel Drop?


Gideon: "It is best to discuss it another time. It gets into things more appropriate for our Cosmic Rules Are About To Change series of Intel Drops we have done. It relates to all of that."


Bill: Very well. Let's get back to CERN, and back to what your guide had told you, which I'd been meaning to get to. What did your guide say about all this?


Gideon: "I was told to look into Demonology to understand what is about to happen. So, I did some research in this area. I had some cursory knowledge, but I had never sat down and read many books on the subject. There is extensive research that has been done, but it is suppressed and ignored by the mainstream. We can start with the Catholic Church and their use of exorcisms, but this would be a very shallow apprehension of the real truth. It goes much deeper."


Bill: Right, you gave me a great reading list from a pastor, his name is Peter Haas.


Gideon: "That is an excellent place to start."


Bill: I'll jump right to it, does the nano-dust, which was already put in the food, which is in all of us right now as we speak, does it give demons direct access to us? In other words, demons can get into us if we're infected with this garbage?


Gideon: "The nano-dust appears to have to do with how it will relate to A.I. and Starlink. By virtue of all of that, there is a connection to the entities, the ones the cabal interacts with via CERN. The nano-dust seems to have a role there, but I have no information that direct possession by a demonic entity will happen because we have the nano-dust in us."


Bill: Is it possible?


Gideon: "Considering they must use CERN to force demons into young children, I would say it is not likely. Forcing demonic possession against one's will is nearly impossible without the technology CERN uses, it would appear. But is it possible? I suppose it could be."


Bill: Have you asked your guide that, directly? That question?


Gideon: "We have discussed all of this, but I do not believe I directly asked that specific question. I was told what I related to you above, I was told the nano-dust is needed so that people are connected to A.I. and Starlink.


My guide emphasized this will separate us from God. My guide has emphasized to me repeatedly with great distress how serious this situation is, but they did not directly say demonic possession will happen because of the nano-dust."


Bill: Can you ask your guide that specific question? I really want to know.


Gideon: "I can and I will."


Bill: Ok, let me just take a moment here to review all of this with you. Probably the two, big things that stand out to me is what you've said about Zionism and Israel, and what you said about how CERN is forcing demonic possession of young kids. Can you review both of those? I want to make sure you don't leave anything out.


Gideon: "Yes. Israel and Zionism has multiple layers. On the one hand, the media, which is owned by Zionists, has programmed and propagandized people for decades that Jews are 'victims', blameless, faultless and not to be criticized. This served to allow Jews to infiltrate all aspects of society and put in place the cabal's true agenda of suppression of the human race and eventual possession of the human soul via Obsidian. Without the help of the Zionists, this would not be possible.


The Zionists, on the other hand, erroneously believe in the prophecies of their own dogmatic, supremacist religion, which is constantly changed and interpreted via cabal-controlled high-level rabbis who 'interpret' the Talmud and ancient Jewish writings, and even add to them. These rabbis have always said a 'world war III' is needed to fulfill Jewish prophecy and bring in their Messiah, or Moshiach. It even ordains that many Jews must perish, and parts of Israel be destroyed. Jews and Zionists believe if this happens, they will eventually take over the world and establish a one world government, with all of those below them serving them as slaves. Yes, slaves.


This will not happen.


Instead, the cabal will sacrifice the Jews in the final moments of this world war, and do away with them completely, and they will be defeated. This will be a false defeat leading to the false awakening, and false victory for humanity. Someone like Elon Musk could be the Antichrist who will then present Obsidian, and it will be welcomed."


Bill: My mind is blown taking this in, but it all makes sense, and now it's all playing out. It's scary, because it means there's going to be a world war and a lot of bloodshed.


Gideon: "Yes, it does mean that."


Bill: Worse, a false victory for the people and then Obsidian, and people will think Obsidian is good somehow.


Gideon: "That is one outcome. There are other scenarios the cabal can use if necessary, in which Obsidian is forced upon us. Those scenarios are very real and remain very possible."


Bill: It's interesting to me you said some Jews know all of this, from the highest level, so they must know they'll end up sacrificed or scapegoated, right?


Gideon: "Some, do, yes, and of course they will receive a great reward for playing all of this out. That reward will await them in the next life, in the astral.


But only the highest initiates and rabbis know this. Most Zionists will go to the end believing their prophecy will grant them domain over Earth, but, of course, it will not. Like Epstein, the cabal may shuffle them off into another, protected life, since many are Sovereigns, if not most. So, the defeat may just be symbolic for the purposes of feeding the public a false narrative of victory."


Bill: It's like a relief to hear that, but it's also not, because the cabal will still win, they'll still be in power.


Gideon: "They will be, either under an authoritarian control grid or under a false light, false awakening new world they will create that will completely enslave us via the nano-dust, A.I. and Starlink."


Bill: What's the most likely outcome in your mind?


Gideon: "The latter above, the one in which a false awakening occurs. But both scenarios are horrible for humanity."


Bill: I feel like I'm avoiding something here because it's too horrible to think about. It's the kids being violated by CERN and these entities. That's truly horrific. That's a true crime against the soul. That should not be allowed. Why does God let it happen?


Gideon: "I do not know the answer to that."


Bill: How is it even possible?


Gideon: "CERN makes it possible for demonic entities to momentarily enter this realm. Like a doctor with a scalpel, if you are restrained against your will, as these children are, they can open them up and put these entities physically into them. Then the entities phase back into the higher astral realm, but they remain inside the human body.


How this happens has to do with the electricity of the body and nervous system, how the soul itself is kept inside the body, in fact. They use that mechanism to put the demon into the body."


Bill: Again, my mind is blown here, because I've read about some of this, it's true, the soul is actually kept inside the body that way, through the nervous system! It only gets out once people die and the electrical activity, the sort of magnetic force-field around our body just stops and turns off, then the soul is released.


Gideon: "That is correct. It then goes to be with God, in most cases, after death. The cabal has spent eons working to disrupt that, to trap souls in the afterlife, keep them in the astral realm, to deceive them with a false white light after death, and now, they want to trap them on Earth in the physical and take full control of their souls."


Bill: Describe how we can be trapped in the Earth realm, because you told me your guide said Christians will be targeted?


Gideon: "My guide said the cabal, in particular, wants to keep Christians trapped here, in this life. They have developed some kind of soul-transfer technology, whereby if you die, if you really physically pass on, they can capture your soul at the moment of death and transfer your consciousness to your new clone or new body. This is very, very advanced technology and not expected to be widely used or known until 2030, but it involves a long-term agenda."


Bill: We need the antidote, then. It just really, really impresses on me how much we need the antidote.


Gideon: "We do."


Bill: What would happen to us if we didn't get the nano-dust out of our bodies?


Gideon: "Once Obsidian comes online, it will tie in with Starlink, and it is my understanding a link is created, a direct link, whereby our soul is connected to this control structure the cabal has created. Later on, if you die with nano-dust inside of you, there is the potential the cabal will be ready to transfer you to a new body to keep you enslaved here."


Bill: Will we feel it, know it? I mean, if the nano-dust is in us, will we know something is wrong?


Gideon: "Yes. My guide said we will hear voices, possibly, and our behaviour will change. We will have trouble stopping it. We will also get thoughts from the A.I., through Starlink, which is really connected to these entities. The scenarios from there on become more and more difficult to grasp or contemplate, because they are truly terrifying in nature."


Bill: I still see a lot of effects of the vaccine and how it's killing people, so like we've talked about before, there's two agendas here, one to kill some people off, and another to actually keep people alive. It's very consistent with what you've been saying the past two years.


Gideon: "This is correct, in terms of the agenda. Ironically, many of those who are awakening believe there is a depopulation agenda, and while there is one, there is another agenda entirely to keep people alive in this realm that no one is seeing. That agenda is actually more of a threat to us, spiritually. The vaccine simply sends the soul back to the astral realm. The cabal needs the vaccinated for other purposes in the astral realm, which I discussed in previous Cosmic Rules Are About To Change entries."


Bill: What can people do? The nano-dust is already in is, what can they do?


Gideon: "As far as I know, nothing. One would need the antidote. The cabal designed it so that natural detox remedies will not work."


Bill: Someone in our chat group said maybe the antidote is there to kill us, or something. Would the cabal do that to their own people?


Gideon: "No. The cabal wants to protect Sovereigns. Now, if the cabal were to conclusively find our team within Obsidian, we would be targeted. So far, they have been unable to identify our team, due to the multiple steps of obfuscation we have undertaken to cloak those entries in Obsidian.


The only way that becomes an issue is if someone on our team tries to compromise us, or tries to betray us, there is a risk. That is why we emphasize the need for security and for how we conduct ourselves. Even though we have some stop-gaps in place, we are only as strong as our weakest link."


Bill: So you have full confidence in the antidote?


Gideon: "I do, because it will be the same one ten million or so Sovereigns will be getting. The whistle blowers are also giving me information, so we can be sure we receive the real antidote. I feel confident in all of that. I would not allow us to take something that I felt was compromised, or a false antidote designed to hurt our team.


When the time comes, I just want us to have that option. It is better than having no choice at all, which is what those who are not Sovereign will face. They will have no choice. They will just live with the nano-dust inside of them and be subject to Starlink and this control grid once it comes online."


Bill: Good, I agree. There's something you mentioned I want to bring up before I forget. You said because of CERN, we might see some odd things happening. Can you get into that?


Gideon: "Yes. We may see more Mandela Effects. We may also see odd things in the sky. We should be mindful and keep a close eye on how things transpire. I was told by my guide that the cabal wants to confuse people with signs and wonders. It is Biblical in nature, as well. We will see strange, magical things happen, but we must realize it is demonic in nature.


The cabal is also increasing its gatekeeping tactics, to make their controlled agents even more deceptive than you can imagine. People's most trusted sources are working directly against them. An example might be Tucker Carlson, or any luminary of the alternative media. Be extremely wary of who you trust, and do not trust Elon Musk."


Bill: There's an article we posted in our CSRQ News channel titled, "U.N. Proposes Digital ID System Tied to Bank Accounts And Mobile Phones," and it sounds just like Obsidian. I've seen a lot of these articles, all worded about the same. This has to be Obsidian, right?


Gideon: "It is, yes. The cabal is releasing updates to the public, essentially, and no one is even paying attention to it. The cabal is actually directly telling people that they are bringing Obsidian online, without using the exact details or name they will use. It is all very transparent. Everything the whistle blowers have told me about Obsidian and USDR is almost finished, and is being prepared. It will happen."


Bill: I'm going to take a moment to pause all this. I think we should stop. I'm not feeling well.


Gideon: "Of course, Bill, we can stop if you need to."


Bill: I don't want to, but yes, I need to. This has made me feel worse, and I already don't feel good. I'm feeling light-headed and drained. I need a break, but I want to get another Intel Drop done soon, too. We need to do more, I think, even if we don't reach many people, at least we're reaching some.


Gideon: "We will plan that, but for now, your health is the priority. Get some rest and focus on yourself."


Bill: Thank you, I will. Is there anything you want to say to everyone before we bring this to a close?


Gideon: "Yes. Our Pipeline program is still open and it is working, so I do encourage those who understand what we are facing to apply for it. There may be only a few weeks left until we are no longer able to help anyone. Through what we are doing, you will be able to receive the antidote, which may be the single most important thing we are able to achieve, if we cannot stop Obsidian."


Bill: Good. I'll say goodnight here. God bless. We will win in the end, because God is with us.


Gideon: "We will. Goodnight, and feel better."




URGENT ALERT: A new, efficient pipeline has been developed to convert Common, Restricted and Quarantined classed individuals to Sovereign class within the CSRQ / Obsidian (social credit system).


This new method will not use any personal identifying information. Instead, we will use a letter and number identifier passcode that will be shared with the individual inquiring, provided by the whistle blowers and kept safe by our team through encrypted methods.


To begin this process, write to the email - (copy and paste) - with the title, "CSRQ Class Change"


You will receive an email reply with detailed instructions and basic steps. Expect a reply within 2 to 3 days, so please check your email periodically throughout the week. (Add "" to your contacts or white list so you receive the reply and so it is not blocked by your email provider.)


Update: We continue to see serious problems with email. Emails like MSN, Me, iCloud, Outlook, AOL, Gmail, Gmx, Yahoo, Hotmail, Comcast and many others routinely BLOCK and CENSOR our emails. These email providers are also known to read your emails and offer no security at all. No one should be using them, but many people who contact us are using them.


We recommend opening an anonymous account using, (discontinued),, These providers are end to end encrypted, and have proven they do not block our emails.


Update: If you need help setting up Telegram (without using your real phone number), write to us at: - title "TG Account". We will provide the steps to create an anonymous Telegram account so that your real, personal phone number is not connected to it.


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Update: If you have recently found our information, we recommend reading all of our posts going back to July of 2022, which have covered a multitude of issues in detail. You can find an introductory article here, our new Intel Drops here, and our older (censored) Intel Drops and (censored) website backed-up here via PDF (Telegram link for download), Google Drive PDF (Intel Drop #1 starts at page 105) or here via the Wayback Machine.


Note: We also recommend reading our Cosmic Rules Are About To Change series of Intel Drops for the full context of what is transpiring from a spiritual perspective (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4).


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