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Intelligence analysts Jeffrey Prather, Gen. Michael Flynn both agree: Israel STOOD DOWN to allow Ham

Intelligence analysts Jeffrey Prather, Gen. Michael Flynn both agree: Israel STOOD DOWN to allow Hamas to unleash terror

Retired Special Operations Soldier, former DIA Intelligence Collector and ex-DEA Special Agent Jeffrey Prather appeared with Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, this week to discuss the situation in Israel, which both Prather and Gen. Michael Flynn agree had to have ordered a stand down that allowed Hamas to unleash terror on October 7 inside its borders.

Israel's borders, which are arguably the most impenetrable in the world, combined with the intelligence and military strength of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) render it an impossibility that Hamas was somehow able to sneak by with nobody noticing.

"I confirmed right after it happened that Israel's so-called 'intelligence failure' could not be an intelligence failure," Prather told Adams – watch the interview below.

"Anybody who knows Israel and the border – which American taxpayers paid for, by the way – there are triple, multiple redundant systems; it is highly fortified; it is highly censored; there are troops and drills every day. And what I said early on is that any intelligence professional who says that this is an intelligence failure by Israel is either lying or a fool – and I stand by that."

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Netanyahu admitted Hamas attack was a false flag when he called it "Israel's 9/11"

It is one thing for Prather to say these things, and entirely another for Gen. Flynn, whom Prather described as "a much bigger fish in the patriot movement" – and one who served in former President Donald Trump's cabinet.

"He was very courageous and said it had to be some kind of stand down," Prather says of Flynn, recognizing that Flynn has a much higher profile and will likely pay a bigger price, especially among conservatives who tend to "support Israel," believing it in its current geopolitical form to represent God's chosen people.

One thing that Prather really finds interesting about this whole thing is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's admission that the Hamas attack is "Israel's 9/11," especially in light of all that has been coming out recently about the false flag nature of America's 9/11 attack.

"We have since learned about the FBI and CIA involvement in our 9/11," Prather explained. "We have learned about the Israeli art students who were infiltrated by Mossad, by the FBI; we learned that the FBI was not allowed to investigate the terrorists who were learning how to fly planes in Arizona, and were not allowed to investigate them."

"We know that the deep state, which is really the intelligence community, planned and allowed 9/11 to happen. If Netanyahu makes a statement that this is Israel's 9/11, then the natural question to ask for real patriots is: well, were they in on it? And the clear answer for me, confirmed by Gen. Flynn, is yes. He said that his intelligence circle was infiltrated – he went out really far on a limb."

Dr. Francis Boyle has also spoken out about this whole thing, stating that what Israel is now doing to the people of Gaza in response to the Hamas attack is akin to what the Nazis did to Jews during World War II.

"So now Israel is doing to the Palestinians what the Third Reich did to the Jews," Adams stated, quoting what Dr. Boyle recently told him in a conversation.

"And that all of this was predicated upon a lie, which is that there was an intelligence failure and that somehow Hamas overran the most elaborate, most complex, most well-funded security wall in the world."

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