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Is Iron Supplementation The Best Treatment for Anemia with Morley Robbins

In this episode, I am speaking with Morley Robbins about his novel hypothesis that chronic fatigue (and most chronic disease) is caused predominantly by copper and iron dysregulation. This is a fascinating idea that I allow him to explore in-depth, while also pushing back a bit at times on the idea that health can be reduced to any kind of simple mineral issue. I think Morley is a fascinating guy with a lot of valuable and novel ideas, and I hope you’ll listen in to what he has to say.

In this episode, Morley and I discuss:

Why Morley believes copper and ceruloplasmin are so important to consider in respect of good health Why balancing copper, iron, and magnesium should be your top priority when it comes to acquiring the right nutrient levels The two different types of anemia and why knowing the one from the other makes all the difference in the correct treatment of this problem Why you may want to think again before dosing up with zinc to fight against viral infections

Show Notes:

The importance of copper and ceruloplasmin in human physiology and human health (04:08)

Is iron deficiency anemia really a health condition? (07:38)

Iron as a heavy metal the body depends on (17:14)

The potential pitfalls of supplementing with iron (20:40)

How zinc affects copper and health (32:35)

Copper on viral infections (36:33)

How glyphosate may affect copper levels in the body (42:12)

How copper, iron, and magnesium deficiency is at the root of many conditions (52:10)

Part three preview (57:05)

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