Is it a spike protein or graphyne oxide poisoning?

Is it a spike protein or graphyne oxide poisoning?

Every bird now sings about the spike protein and how it replicates in the body and sheds, infecting others.

The experience shows us that what every duck quacks and every parrot repeats have nothing to do with the truth.

If the spike protein would have been replicating by our body, no additional vaccination would have been necessary.

The fact that a second and now even a third vaccine is required to keep us “safe” is a clear sign that what they are quacking about the spike, is a pure lie.

Not only that the depopulation jab/vaccine is not replicating in our body, but it also is being cleansed as soon as the body has the opportunity.

This makes sense as my clients who are detoxifying, have no additional symptoms after receiving the jab and those who come close to the jabbed people have immediate strong detox symptoms like nausea and diarrhea.

The magnetic nature of the jab indicates that something was introduced into the body that has electromagnetic properties. This makes it controllable through EMF that are radiated from cellphone antenna towers.

In this video, Ricardo Delgado is explaining that the substance that is used in those depopulation jabs but also the face masks and the Wu-flu test q-tips are laced with is graphyne oxide.

I often use carbon as an example proving that the properties of an element are not dependent on its atomic structure, but on the sacred geometry, it makes.

One of those structures that carbon can manifest is in the form we call graphyne in which the carbon becomes electroconductive and gains electromagnetic properties and cannot be detected as being metal.

This now takes away the mystery of metals sticking to the shoulder of jabbed people.

Since it has electromagnetic properties, its radiation increases when it is supplied with electric energy.

This is why jabbed people are emitting a strong enough signal of the graphyne oxide that affects people in their vicinity, causing them to have the same detoxifying reaction as if they themselves would have been vaccinated.

Dr, Judy Mikovits is recommending the suramine as a cleansing mechanism, Ricardo Delgado sticks to his school-educated understanding of antioxidants and claims that the bodies glutathione will do the job, and now I am convinced more than ever before that there is no better and faster detox than the one that is achieved by drinking sea plasma/water with sea salt.

If we allow for the graphyne oxide to remain in our body, every time a new scare wants to be created, all that has to be done is to increase slightly the EMF signal.

This will increase the electromagnetic field of the graphyne oxide in the body which will cause interference in the internal environment in the body causing symptoms of cleansing/flu.

Good plan but now when we understand it, we know how to prevent and how to eliminate the evil plan to decimate the human population and to shackle in chains those that remain.

I was asked on several occasions if the SHP will eliminate the jab because for the sake of traveling people would agree to be jabbed if they can then detoxify this poison out from their bodies?

Even now, I strongly urge you not to get jabbed. Would you intentionally get bit by a snake just because you have the snake’s antidote available?

You never know in what state of toxicity is your body, and how it is going to react to this jab. Are you going to have enough time to detoxify?

Some people die within hours after being jabbed. Are you willing to take a chance just because of the sake of traveling?

The politicians can change the law as it soothes them, making you strained and unable to come back or to obtain plasma while forcing you to take another “reinforcing” jab.

Now, it is not a good time to travel. Stay put and remain calm. Have some extra food and water in the house ready in the case of a blackout and meditate having good thoughts on your mind.

The more toxic you are on the cellular level, the stronger blood pollution occurs whenever your body is exposed to a new environment. Do not wait for the next attack.

Cleanse your cells and your reaction to the changes of the environment will have little or no impact on the way you feel, your cells will have no toxins to pollute your blood.

Anybody can use the SHP to cleanse itself on a cellular level.

If you are medicated or if you have chronic health problems, allow me to guide you safely through this detoxification process.

Here is my video on Rumble that talks about this same subject.

Love and light to us all.


Editorial Comment:

The author does not take into account the fact that each subsequent jab significantly reduces natural immunity. Hence the proliferation of cancers and other physiological responses as a result of impaired immunity - VAIDS.