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Is the Victorian Health Minister Brett Sutton funded by Bill Gates?

Evidence has emerged that Brett Sutton has a clear conflict of interest not disclosed to the Victorian people.

He works for the Burnett Institute, which just so happens to have received funding by the world’s largest tax dodge structure the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The so-called “conspiracy theories”, that Dictator Dam Andrews is taking advice from Bill Gates is backed up by credible evidence.

Is Dan Andrews so-called supercomputer modelling none other than Gates funded falsified modelling that caused western governments to lockdown in March such as the Imperial College in London which was so inaccurate its modeler had to resign in disgrace.

Gates has a clear agenda.

It’s a Globalist medical tyranny using WHO as his new one world Govt.

Yes it’s a conspiracy.

But No.

It’s no longer a theory.

Calls for Bill Gates arrest globally have been getting louder.

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