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💥 Israel Iron Dome SCAM FAKE WAR EXPOSED! Fake Media War Propaganda Opp

Do NOT believe anything you see on TV or online. Most footages are fake and just media planned opperation. This is just another False Flag Scare Event. Fake Iron Dome Fireworks and Flares to look like buildings on fire. This is a war simulation. The truth is not the narrative you see on TV or radio. It's all psyopp and covert operations. Never believe Fake News stories. It's all planned and controlled for media coverage opp. Time to wake up and see the truths. It pays way more to fake wars than actually doing them.

All medias cover the same building collapse from different angles. They had prepared all the cameras and staff on a roof nearby to film the same building from different angles BEFORE they take it down.

Was all organized for fake media coverage. It's a movie. All fake and planned. If real rockets was blowing up buildings for real in your city ll around you, you really think you would go with all camera crew under missiles rain. Just because your work as an employee for CNN or some other shit medias? $80k/year salary to film missiles rains over your head that can kill you.

Nobody would do that, it's all FAKE False Flag Opp!

It's Time For Everyone To Wake Up!

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