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Israeli forces may have been responsible for the massacre of many of their own people

Footage is circulating of what appears to be an Israeli Apache helicopter shooting at civilians and vehicles on October 7th, suggesting that Israeli forces may have been responsible for the massacre of many of their own people at the ‘Supernova’ event.

Reports suggest the Apache helicopters allegedly used by Israeli forces explain how so many cars at the music festival ended up destroyed in this manner, considering Hamas rockets could not cause this sort of widespread, uniform damage.

Israel has admitted to shelling homes, killing at least 112 Israeli’s in the process:

For all of the people having a complete meltdown because the official Israeli narrative they blindly believed has been absolutely shattered and now they have to face that someone asking questions and not blindly believing the State of Israel is not a “Jew hater” but simply doing their due diligence, here is the Times of Israel admitting the IDF are the ones who published the footage of their helicopters from October 7th:

For those who are questioning the previous beliefs widely held about the IDF stand-down, this assessment was (rightly) conducted by various independent media outlets based on Israel’s own statements.

This is what was reported officially by Israel:

Based on their previous statements and “intelligence failure” narrative, questions could be raised as to whether the “stand-down” narrative was in fact encouraged by Israel to cover for the fact they killed their own people at the festival with Apache helicopters (albeit accidentally).

Questions could also be raised as to why the helicopter footage has been released now, incriminating themselves in this manner.


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