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It Beggars Belief!!

Editorial Comment

Why oh why do so many people seem to believe the hysterical bull shit perpetrated by government authorities through the media about the COVID-19 cases increasing?

We are sick and tired of hearing or reading about the number of "new cases" of COVID-19 on a daily basis through every single media outlet.

Blind and single neuroned Freddy can see that this is simply the pretext to have us all imprisoned and gagged for as long as possible, and at least until the vaccines arrive to change our DNA and turn us into GMO property.

The answer is simple ...

because there is more testing!

Since the Coronavirus is really nothing more than an RNA sequence, it’s far more pervasive than we have been told, and there are far more asymptomatic people than we have been told.

The more we test, the more cases we will obviously find.

It’s basic mathematics people. Dah!!

But also...

...the problem with the test specifically is that a positive result is practically meaningless, as all it shows is that a person at one point in time was infected with a virus from the same coronavirus family that causes the common cold. In other words, it is a false alarm and bad science.

Even worse, if you had a cold or flu at some time in the past and recovered from it, you are treated as a COVID-19 "case".


Because the PCR test:

Doesn't isolate and identify viruses

Doesn't provide RNA sequences of pathogens

Offers no baseline for comparison with patient samples

Cannot determine an infected from non-infected sample

So..."The coronavirus panic is just that, an irrational panic, based on an unproven RNA test, that has never been connected to a virus and which won't be connected to a virus unless the virus is purified. There is very little science happening."

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