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It's better to walk alone than with a crowd going in the wrong direction.

At the beginning…

We all walked alone.

We walked away from jobs.

We walked away from careers.

We walked away from “friends.”

We walked away from family.

We walked away from businesses.

We walked away from the mass formation psychosis and delusions of a world driven into madness by a complicit media machine.

We walked away from anyone and anything that was an offence to our soul.

We walked away from anyone and anything that was blindly complying with this tyrannical agenda to enslave us all…

no matter what the cost…

we walked away.

We walked alone at the start…

but now we walk together as a multitude…

a multitude that will never comply,

and never bow down to the insane dictates of maniacal puppets and tyrants.

We walk as a family,

united by the bonds of our love for freedom and the human spirit.

Everyday our numbers grow.

Everyday we smash their spells.

Everyday we expose their lies and

Everyday we crumble their narrative.

From Dave Oneegs Aussie Chat

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