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It’s INTENTIONAL: “Climate change” fairy tale is simply an excuse to destroy the physical infrastruc

It's INTENTIONAL: "Climate change" fairly tale is simply an excuse to destroy the physical infrastructure that keeps civilization alive

(Natural News) Almost everything being said about the “climate change crisis” is a hoax designed to deconstruct society via a “Great Reset” and usher in the new age envisioned by the “elites.”

If you really take the time to think about what each component of the “green” agenda entails, you will quickly realize that it all involves the destruction of civilization as we currently know it.

Eliminating fossil fuels, for instance, will ensure that no more fertilizer is available to grow food. It will also ensure that food is unable to get from farm to fork, since an electric semi-truck will not have the capacity to make it across the country without constant “refueling” – plus, electric semi-trucks do not exist and never will.

Then there is carbon dioxide (CO2), that “evil” gas molecule in the air that just so happens to make plants grow. Without it, there would be no more life on the planet. (Related: CO2 also has nothing to do with climate patterns.)

It turns out that a changing climate is also completely normal, despite every attempt by the climate brigade to paint it as a consequence of cow flatulence and human existence.

If the climate never changed, it would not properly function to sustain life. So once again, the climate agenda is exposed as being anti-life, which is all it ever was.

Fossil fuels power the world; without them, it’ll all collapse

The full and complete green transformation is still a little ways off, though not as far off as many might think, especially with a looming global economic collapse on the horizon.

Some would argue that the economic collapse is already occurring, but has not just reached its full culmination quite yet. It really started picking up speed when the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) plandemic operation was launched, followed by the war in Ukraine operation.

One by one the dominoes are falling because of these and other planned events, which are all occurring right on cue to maximize the fallout of what is already in motion.

Concerning the transformation to “green” energy, that, too, is playing a role in this global drama. The Wall Street Journal just reported that electricity shortages are expected not just in California and Texas this year but all across the country.

It turns out that shutting off coal, oil and nuclear power and replacing it all with solar panels and large, oil-powered (ironic, isn’t it?) wind turbines is not providing enough power to keep things going.

Just like with all other aspects of the “green” agenda, there is always somehow way too much demand and not enough supply, the suggestion being that lots of people have to disappear – and soon – in order for it to work.

Going green means massive depopulation, in other words, which once again is evident by reading between the lines of what the agenda entails. As polluting as they might be, fossil fuels are what powers the world. Without them, the world just stops.

This would seem to be the goal, in fact: to stop the world – at least the world as we currently know it to be. As they proceed with ushering in their new age – or at least trying to – more and more of what makes this life livable will disappear until there is nothing left.

“CO2 is not just a byproduct of respiration,” wrote someone at Natural News, offering more insight into the anti-life elements of the anti-CO2 agenda.

“Our bodies use it in neurological functions. No need to wait for plant life to die, you’d be dead immediately without it.”

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