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It’s Just Been Revealed Where Dr. Fauci’s Daughter Works…And Now It All Makes Sense…

Good grief, here’s your final puzzle piece to complete the BIG SHAM…

There’s a very elite club out there, where all the people work in the same network of “approved” companies and hang out in the same “approved” groups, with all the same “approved” people. And you and I are not invited…and that’s okay because it sounds like a miserable, Godless, awful existence.

But the point is that all of these elites are connected by less than six degrees of separation – probably only two or three degrees, tops.

Just take a look at this recent “conflict of interest” discovery involving Dr. Fauci’s daughter. You’ll never guess where she works.

I’ll give you one guess – and here’s a hint: She works at a place that silences you if you disagree with her dear old quacky dad.

If you guessed “Twitter,” you’d be 100 percent correct.

It’s all making so much more sense now, right?

From National Pulse

In addition to readily censoring conservatives, the social media platform has also cracked down on users sharing COVID-19 “misinformation.”

Amidst the heavy-handed censorship, Alison Fauci has been working at the company since graduating in 2014, The National Pulse can reveal.

“She works as a software engineer and, according to her LinkedIn profile, was focused on developing “ad formats for the Twitter for Android app.” (Her LinkedIn profile has since been made private or deleted),” Heavy magazine summarizes.

Alison Fauci maintains a profile on Twitter’s official blog, with one entry from November 2017 entitled “Introducing Serial: improved data serialization on Android.”

“Smooth timeline scrolling on the Twitter for Android app is important for the user experience, and we’re always looking for ways to improve it. With some profiling, we discovered that serializing and deserializing data to and from the database using standard Android Externalizable classes was taking around 15% of the UI thread time,” the blog post begins.

The position at the social media company, however, appears to represent a conflict of interest given the platform’s decision to censor COVID-19 information that goes against the diktats of her father – who notoriously insisted there was “no reason” to wear a mask.

In early March, Twitter decided to broadly ban any tweet that “could place people at a higher risk of transmitting COVID-19.”

Primarily, the platform vowed to crack down on tweets that represent a “denial of expert guidance.”

“Encouragement to use fake or ineffective treatments, preventions, and diagnostic techniques” and “misleading content purporting to be from experts or authorities” were other categories targeted by the social media platform.

And the platform has used its powers to censor users who defy the recommendations of Alison Fauci’s father.

A high-profile example of this censorship is the platform’s decision to ban Donald Trump’s son from the platform for “posting misinformation about hydroxychloroquine” – a potential treatment for COVID-19.

Twitter ordered Donald Trump Jr. to delete the misleading tweet, adding that it would “limit some account functionality for 12 hours.”

The platform also removed videos of doctors holding a press conference on Capitol Hill to defend the potential treatment which had not yet garnered support from Fauci. The control over messaging and information that all sectors of the elites have is mind-boggling.

They have dotted all their eyes and crossed all their tees, that’s for darn sure.

This is really starting to look like a fine-oiled machine of cables and networks all working in tandem to achieve one supreme goal, right?

And I don’t think that’s being “paranoid” or “conspiracy theory-ish.” I think it’s spot-on, actually.

Look, you don’t get to the point where you can control THIS MUCH of the country by accident. It’s a coordinated effort on all fonts, no matter how big or small, in order to achieve and maintain ultimate power and control over messaging.

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