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It’s not just Humanity facing depopulation; Animals and Plant Life are also in the firing line of th

It’s not just Humanity facing depopulation; Animals and Plant Life are also in the firing line of the Globalist Cabal

As more and more evidence piles up regarding the true nature of the antihuman coup d’état that’s been unleashed across the globe, more and more people have come to realise that depopulation is indeed one of the key goals being pursued by the miscreants behind this democide.

Whether their aim is to reduce the world’s population by 10-15% (as Bill Gates once implied in a TED talk[1]), or whether they are aiming to go well beyond that is a matter of personal opinion or conjecture.

Regardless, almost as sinister as the above objective is the very clear goal of reducing biodiversity on this planet by killing off large numbers of both farm animals and wildlife, as well as plant life.

By Tigran Kalaydjian

With the Covid-19 ‘vaccine’ roll-out in its second year, it seems that the human depopulation agenda has gained some traction. In January this year, the CEO of a major US insurance company based in Indiana announced that the death rate amongst those aged 18-64 had risen a shocking 40%[2]. He also stated that a one-in-200-year catastrophe would justify just a 10% increase in the death rate, and revealed that his company was seeing a large increase in disability claims as well.

Given that Indiana has one of the lowest rates of Covid-19 ‘vaccination’ in the US, it can be assumed that insurance companies active in states with much higher rates are seeing even larger spikes in deaths. If a one-in-200-year catastrophe can explain a 10% increase in the death rate, then a 40% increase is like saying we are facing a one-in-800-year catastrophe, which would take us back to the Middle Ages and the ‘Great Plague’.

Interestingly, over the last six months or so, the official narrative has shifted somewhat and is now increasingly focusing on epidemics affecting livestock and wild animals that could cross over to humans. In accordance with their established practice of warning people about what they plan to do next, a mouthpiece of the cabal of miscreants—former CDC Director Robert Redfield— recently stated in an interview:

I believe the great pandemic is still in the future, and it’s going to be a bird flu pandemic for man. It’s going to have significant mortality in the 10-50% range. It’s going to be trouble.[3]

This statement comes against a backdrop of official announcements of bird flu outbreaks in many states in the US as well as other countries. For example, in March it was reported that 5.3 million chickens would be culled in Iowa due to a “highly contagious and deadly avian flu” outbreak[4], while another news outlet reported that since January more than 15 million chickens and 1.3 million turkeys had been destroyed in the United States[5].

These mass killings of poultry have led to warnings of imminent shortages of eggs and other products in a host of countries, including Germany, Australia and the United Kingdom[6]. In addition, it’s being reported that the pig industry in many countries is on the verge of collapse due to soaring feed prices and labour shortages, with the head of the National Pig Association in the UK recently stating that “[t]he situation is now beyond desperate and there is no light at the end of the tunnel”[7].

Meanwhile, reports are increasing of mass bird deaths in many countries, with a ‘mystery disease’ killing off birds in at least six US states last year,[8] and incidents of hundreds of birds suddenly dropping from the sky being reported in Spain, Mexico, Italy and England[9]. While the corporate media has tried to explain such incidents away as nothing out of the ordinary, it surely cannot be a coincidence that so many cases of mass bird die-offs are occurring at the same time in so many countries.

Furthermore, in many US states, authorities have now begun testing wildlife for Covid-19, as if to emphasise the purported risk of new pandemics arising due to ‘spillback’ from wild animals. Last fall, North Carolina’s Wildlife Resources Commission tested white-tailed deer for Covid-19 and stated that some of the animals had tested positive, even though none of them had any symptoms of a disease[10]. And more recently, the CDC stated that it was now “critical” for health authorities and agencies to regularly track the spread of the coronavirus in wild animals, citing its concerns over new variants in American wildlife[11].

Mass deaths are not limited to larger animals such as mammals; insects and bees have for years been suffering massive declines in their numbers. A study published last year, for example, found that LED street lighting was decimating the UK’s insect population[12], and the mass die-off of bees has been widely documented for around a decade now[13].

However, it’s not just viruses, ‘mystery illnesses’, pesticides and LED lights that are killing off animals and insects. It is becoming increasingly clear that both plants and animals are also being affected by severe radiation stress. Tree damage in the vicinity of 5G cell towers is becoming widespread, which isn’t a surprise given that many studies have shown how electromagnetic radiation exposure causes physiological and morphologic changes in plants[14].

In fact, what we are currently witnessing is a worldwide collapse of many ecosystems, and this is not merely an unfortunate side-effect of pollution, excessive pesticide use and new street lighting technologies but part of an orchestrated plan to reduce biodiversity on the planet and make the world a more controllable and homogeneous place. A key weapon in this campaign is weather warfare, the devastating effects of which have been seen numerous times in recent years, e.g., the abnormal fires in California in 2017, which saw multiple ‘spontaneous combustion’ events happening concurrently; or the current flooding that’s affecting Australia’s eastern coast, which has been described as the country’s worst-ever natural disaster[15].

What goals do the mass depopulation of animal life and plant life achieve? Quite a few actually. The miscreants want us to eat lab-grown inorganic substitute foods in the future—meat substitutes, vegetable substitutes, even fruit substitutes—so that people’s control over what they eat is eliminated. To that end, they are engineering mass shortages of meat, poultry and dairy products and hiking up prices, blaming it on supply chain disruptions and the war in Ukraine. Going forward, we will see more and more farmers pushed off the land through orchestrated bankruptcies or weather warfare.

More mystery illnesses will affect poultry/meat/fish farms, and we will see the culling of millions of chickens, pigs and cattle as a result. Due to health and safety requirements, people in rural areas will eventually be forbidden from keeping chickens or other animals in their backyard, and with the gradual introduction of synthetic foods as substitutes for the real thing, human contact—and the human connection—with animals will be lessened dramatically. This is an insidious part of the agenda, because contact with animals is vitally important for humanity, in terms of both immune system health and mental wellbeing.

There is clearly a desire to ‘sanitise’ the planet and make it less biodiverse, and less complicated. Having so many species of complex creatures must seem so unnecessary for the psychopaths seeking to produce everything in labs in a manner that allows them to easily insert any compound or toxin they desire prior to a global roll-out. The same applies to plants, which have been the basis for natural remedies and therapies for thousands of years. Eliminate entire ecosystems and you eliminate plant-based medicine, driving yet more people into the clutches of big pharma. Mass extinctions of both plants and animals must therefore be music to the ears of those who seek to control our world as if it were one giant lab-based experiment.

In light of this, can anyone doubt the importance of protecting the natural environment from multinational corporations, retaining knowledge about animal husbandry and plant-based medicine, educating people against eating mass-produced inorganic foods, and encouraging people to grow as much of their fresh food as they can? In light of this well-organised multi-pronged attack on humanity, does anyone doubt that their governments are not ‘theirs’ anymore? Isn’t it clear already that when the next ‘great pandemic’ is brought about, we will come face to face with an even more egregious assault than in the case of the Covid-19 pandemic?

















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