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It’s war! Five Eyes, Queensland out to criminalize free speech

THE Five Eyes alliance, backed by the UN and WEF, have launched a desperate bid to intimidate and silence Aussies, Kiwis, Canadians, Americans and Brits who dare question globalist narratives.

The Australia-New Zealand Labor and Green party governments both have so-called “online safety” bills they are about to push through their parliaments after the usual phoney “public consultations” have taken place.

The Ardern government of NZ tried to crush

Counterspin Media and then up popped another

alt-media outlet, Reality Check Radio.

But these governments will have one huge battle on their hands trying to squash the booming alternative media like Cairns News, Australian National Review, Zee Media, Tott News, Independent Australia, Rebel News, TNT Radio and the highly popular New Zealand channels Reality Check Radio, Counterspin Media and The Platform. The list only begins there.

At a state level in Australia, the Queensland Labor government has launched a full-frontal attack on free speech in a bill to change the Criminal Code Act to criminalize “hate speech” and vilification of minorities. This is being done by Palaszczuk and company moving provisions of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 into the Queensland Criminal Code.

Deregistered GP Bill Bay spoke out against the move at a Gold Coast meeting this week. “For the very first time in history there are now criminal definitions of race and gender and identity and fluidity, all in the Criminal Code, so the Queensland Police can now get involved in your family, in your school and in fact in everything that you do – so welcome to the new tyranny or the new democracy ladies and gentlemen,” he said.

Concurrently the national-level bills are putting up a raft of massive fines in the millions of dollars for social media companies that publish “disinformation” and fail to keep a register of it. The arbiters of “disinformation and misinformation” will be organisations like the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), operating under Albanese’s Combating Misinformation and Disinformation Bill.

The socially conservative Australian Christian Lobby, which represents a wide cross section of Australian Christian denominations, is alarmed by the Bill which it sees as a tool to stop debate over issues such as abortion and gender identity. “The way the government proposes to regulate online platforms is by imposing a code on the digital platforms themselves. It will make them terrified of your content if there is any risk of being caught by this low standard of harm,” said the ACL CEO Michelle Pearse.

Ms Pearse said if the bill was passed online platforms would “play it safe” out of fear of penalty and there would be excessive monitoring of online views (of groups like the ACL) by the watchdog while records of your non-conforming activities would be compiled.

Across the ditch, the new kid PM on the block, Christopher Hipkins and his Labor-Green comrades have their own version of censorship being pushed by the Department of Internal Affairs, also known as Te Tare Taiwhenua – in case you were interested. Listen to the oh so calm, caring and Orwellian spin in this video promoting “safer online services and media platforms”.

Concurrent with this, NZ’s government-sponsored main media channels and Radio New Zealand have been busy pushing out propaganda “exposing” the dangerous conspiracy theory spreaders and haters who are preying on the innocent, gullible public. Stuff Circuit’s “award winning documentary” on this is “Fire and Fury – Who’s driving a violent, misinformed New Zealand, and why.”

The doco begins in dark, sinister colours and sounds with a lone commuter sitting on a train and scrolling through – shock, horror – conspiracy websites and some expat Yank named Damien de Ment ranting on about how bad things are. And then a dull, uninspired narrator from Stuff named Paula Penfold begins to unveil before us just who these sinister people are. She is helped by a few other “experts” in their field including Kate Hannah, another Ardern-funded “femocrat” and director of the government funded Disinformation Project at Auckland University.

Also featured is the Gucci clothes horse Rebecca Kitteridge, the Director-General of the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service, who in 2021 made the startling, shocking and eye-opening observation that “there’s no doubt white identity extremism in New Zealand is on the rise and worldwide”. Perhaps she was referring the the neo-Nazi Azzov Battallion in Ukraine … oh wait, aren’t they on our side? This incredible intelligence gatherer also told MPs that there was also “a proliferation of all sorts of conspiracy theories”!

To their credit the Stuff Circuit team who made Fire and Fury admit that they are losing the battle to assure the public that what mainstream media say is the truest and most reliable information. “What we are about to show you is not an exhaustive list because that list would be too long,” says Penfold of the rising anti-establishment leaders and their groups. “But we want to introduce you to some of the key drivers in New Zealand of false information and dangerous conspiracy.”

It must have been disheartening to the Stuff crowd to discover in March this year that one of their main targets in the documentary, Voices for Freedom, had launched it’s own radio station called Reality Check Radio. Even more galling for them was the fact that RCR featured two big-name defectors from mainstream media – the 40-year Kiwi TV and radio broadcast veteran Peter Williams and Paul Brennan from Radio NZ.

Williams was a noted sports journalist and newsreader for TVNZ while Brennan worked on news for the government-funded RNZ. Another prominent name on the station is Rodney Hide, the former leader of the ACT NZ political party. Before that, Kiwi mainstream media only had to contend with the Infowars-style Counterspin Media, run on a platform provided by a Steve Bannon company and hosted by ex-Army guy Kelvin Alps and another mainstream media defector Liz Gunn.

RNZ is also running a “disinformation expose” on its Undercurrent series, described by their former employee Brennan as “a cracked record, a cracked record, a cracked record”.

“Undercurrent shows politicians are feeling the heat,” Brennan told his online political panel on July 21st. Panel contributors Olivia Pierson, Cam Slater and Marty Gibson agreed it was now obvious that the misinformation talking point was internationally co-ordinated among the Five Eyes alliance with the concurrent attacks in Australia, Canada, the US and the UK.

In March, at the launch of Reality Check Radio, Peter Williams revealed how he got offside with the MediaWorks company which ran his Magic Talk radio show. He began to question the vaccine mandates and said “I don’t know what set off the spark in my brain”.

Williams not only questioned it in his own mind but began to talk about his concerns with the mandate in 2021. “They (the management) said to me your program has become known as anti-vax central … so I said well, isn’t it good that there’s at least once space in the airwaves where these particular things can be talked about, after all, we are a free, liberal society are we not – a free democratic society where freedom of speech is allowed?”

Williams said the radio bosses’ response tipped him over the edge. “Well there will be financial implications for the company and for the station if you don’t change your thinking.” Williams had a think about it overnight and quit the next day. Williams said he subsequently found out the NZ government had spent $125 million in 2021-22 on media advertising, mainly pushing vaccines and other messages during the pandemic – well above the $70 to $75 million a year spent by the likes of Harvey Norman or Toyota. Trudeau in Canada played the same bribery game with the media there.

It also emerged through the Brennan round table chat that Jacinda Ardern felt the heat of public disdain and that led her to resign. Popular blogger and RCR host Cam Slater said Ardern had gone on holiday and found herself under repeated verbal attack from people. “Ardern thought she was saviour of New Zealand and then went on holiday to find people crossing the road to avoid her or getting heckled,” he said.

The program also discussed the latest in a series of “disinformation surveys” of New Zealanders. Conducted by the Disinformation Project it found 26% of respondents attributed disinformation to official sources and 23% believing secret groups hold power over government. It must have come as a shock to the sponsors.

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