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"It Was All Planned Out!" Max Igan, David Icke & Glenn Beck Expose The World's Most Dangerous Lies!

YOU DON’T KNOW THE HALF OF IT, UNTIL YOU WATCH THIS FANTASTICALLY RESEARCHED & PRESENTED VIDEO! “It’s Been Their Plan All Along – and you ABSOLUTELY will NOT want to believe what it is – so you have GOT TO BE PREPARED FOR WHAT’S COMING!” In this EYE-BULGING and HEART-POUNDING compilation featuring none other than Glenn Beck, with a MAGNIFICENT opening segment by Max Igan & David Icke, you will FINALLY learn some of THE MOST HIDDEN SECRETS regarding the COVID-19 SCAMdemic – and how it has changed EVERYTHING – and what their FUTURE PLANS hold for the Citizens of the WORLD!

From the way we live our lives and how we operate our businesses, to how we see each other, NOTHING IS SAFE NOR SACRED, and NOTHING is off limits to these Demonic Disease Spreaders! What’s more is that the FRAUDULENTLY INSTALLED FREAK-SHOW PUPPET BIDEN REGIME now running our federal government is sinking its tentacles even deeper into us and our entire society (and the world), threatening the very fabric not only of our bodily autonomy, but of our Great Republic. If you think things are bad NOW, just wait until some of the details revealed in this EPIC DOCUMENTARY are unleashed upon your brain: UNDENIABLE documents and FEDERAL contracts tell a DARK AND DEMONIC STORY that seems as though it’s being read straight out of the Book of Revelations!

And that is JUST THE BEGINNING, Patriots, because their future plans reveal that they will continue dominating our lives and threatening our very continued existence IN AN ALL OUT ATTEMPT AT MASS GLOABAL DEPOPULATION & CONTROL! It’s time we cast a BLINDING LIGHT on the SHOCKING AND UNBELIEVABLE TRUTHS found in this EPIC video! Because only with the UNCENSORED TRUTH will we emerge from the DARKNESS of this “SCAMdemic” and take back the life and liberty that has been so openly stolen from us.

I jest you not, Patriots, THIS is THE most pivotal time in our lives – and THIS is THE most IMPORTANT VIDEO of our current time. Pray right now, my Fellow Patriots & Christian Brothers and Sisters – NOW more than EVER. If there’s people out there that you TRULY care about, please share this video with them, and remember, above all, WWG1WGA! There is STRENGTH IN NUMBERS & KNOWLEDGE!

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