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Jacinda Ardern will need 'more ongoing protection than any PM in NZ's history' - expert

Expert Says!

Brought to you by a MSM Rag and Rebel Rag posing as "independent" media and run by a rats' nest of Khazarian Zionists.

🇳🇿 Jacinda Ardern Will Need 24-Hour Protection From 'Anti-Vaxxers': Former Intelligence Analyst

Quoted as an expert by New Zealand mainstream media outlet Stuff, Paul Buchanan cites a rise in documented threats against Ardern, which have reportedly tripled between 2020 and 2022, as well as what he claims is "increased misogyny and violent sentiment" as reasons for the increased security measures.

“Unfortunately we are going to see that Jacinda Ardern is going to need at least for the foreseeable year or so, 24-hour protection, even though she’s stepped down.”

Buchanan also notes that this level of vitriol and threat is coming from a variety of sources, including "anti-vaxers" and "conspiracy theorists" and is not expected to cease with the appointment of a new Prime Minister.


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